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Perfect Couples in Public are Not so Perfect in Private

Wednesday, June 20th, 2012

We often see people pick out a couple in parties or in social events and talk about them as being a perfect couple. They keep talking about their style sense, body language and how much the couple complements each other. They look as though they were made for each other from the front but this is not the case behind the doors.

Perfect Couples in Public are Not so Perfect in Private

Perfect Couples in Public are Not so Perfect in Private

Couples that are not compatible emotionally, sexually or whatever the reasons try to ensure that this does not go out in public as they don’t want a public show of their private life. However, this drama does not last long because it puts to much emotional pressure on the couple and even change their way of thinking and the meaning of their existence and whether true love really exists.

These couple should first find the root cause of why they became compatible to incompatible as clear communication has the potential to solve many problems. There is no harm in taking the help of dating or relationship coaches and couples often talk to their friends about this that also might help them get unbiased opinions. These is no reason they cannot become compatible again as they were at the beginning when they first got married.

Comment of this article tell us your views on these type of couples and what makes them go from compatibility to incompatibility.

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