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Geeks from India are Flirting on Online Dating Sites

Tuesday, June 26th, 2012

Not long before, Jumpdates predicted the rising market of online dating in Asia, especially in India. This is what makes our prediction stronger. Geeks are also human and has emotions which is why the college passed out from one of India’s premier technology institute IIT Kharagpur has started a free dating site.

Geeks from India are Flirting on Free Dating Sites

Geeks from India are Flirting on Free Dating Sites

IIT Kharagpur is one of the top technology institutes in India. Young graduates who pass through these colleges can be easily been seen working for IT giants in California which has been termed as a brain drain by critics. Now the scenario is changing in terms of both i.e. fly away for jobs in the US and redefining the old belief to keep in pace with tomorrow.

Concept wise is not new as there are plenty of campus dating sites in US, but what’s unique is that it does not restrict only students from IIT to login but it is open to the general public. This is certainly to create a bigger pool of singles.

This website is in the alpha stage right now as they may be testing it before the actual launch. This is certainly a good beginning for these young entrepreneurs but, it will be no cake walk for them as there is already some competition in this hot market from local sites like and other foreign sites like

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