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Economics of love – Are you with right partner?

Friday, April 12th, 2013

The words ‘economics of love’ raises lots of eyebrows of those who believe that love is unconditional and those who seek benefit from love is the not right person to live with. It is right but, being in love is different then spending life with a loved one. Again, this is contradiction that many believe.

To understand this better, let’s check out the cycle of relationships and the role of human emotions

Economics of love – Are you with right partner

Economics of love – Are you with right partner

Attraction Phase
We use the word “Falling” in love because the looks and charm of someone can sweep you off your feet and you get attracted towards that person unconditionally. It is a situation hard to control by both men and women and ones logical decision making takes a hit.

Idealize Positives
This is the key phase of any relationship and generates enough power to get through new phases. In this phase lovers get attracted toward and in every trait and most of the time they see all good things. Lovers also compare their lover with someone they often visualize in their dreams.

This is the most thought phase but at the same time can be the most result oriented phase. In this phase couples come closer to each other and start going out and realizing their dreams of being together, however for some it creates space issues. They start to realize that they are not getting enough time for themselves or it’s not about me anymore and it is about “WE” where they may have difficulty in handling.

Suddenly they start asking questions such as “am I with the right person?” This is where economics of love play an important role. Here, everyone has to choose from either choosing the right person to love or loving the very person they found.

Choosing the right person for love is difficult as there is no perfect lover and even if you find one and go with the rule of choosing the right person there is every possibility that you won’t like his or her smile or the kind of friends he or she keeps. That is why love can be termed as “falling” in love and you need to take a “decision” in being love that makes you an economist of your romantic relationship that is going to pay you high dividends in years to come.

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Extramarital Relationship for FUN Only

Friday, April 12th, 2013

There has been a lot of talk about extramarital affairs and relationships outside of marriages all over the world. People from different countries and religion have different views on this controversial topic. For example, in South Asian countries it is a taboo thing whereas in Islam men can have multiple wife’s and it is allowed provided husband has to provide separate accommodation for them. [Resource] However, one cannot call it as an extramarital relationship since it is done in the open. Even in the Bible there are stories of polygamy and marriages with multiple partners.

Extramarital Relationship for FUN Only

Extramarital Relationship for FUN Only

However, life is getting busy and humans want to explore new ways to get thrilled and moments that provide them with FUN and in the process we are crossing all the moral hurdles but unfortunately the embedded chip of moral policing is missing in us modern humans.

But, behind increasing extramarital relationships we need to find out the reasons and factors about what researchers have to say about this.

• Researchers from France found that extramarital relationships are making men loyal to their marriages. They also found that male whose father spend less time with them during childhood are more likely to form extramarital relationship. [Research]

• We also like to see the effect of commercialization of sex, pills and material related to this. Today, buying sex is easy and people with surplus money are doing this all the time. You can find plenty of adult dating and sex dating sites that attract men and women to get cozy with taglines to have fun.

• We should also turn the pages of history and read Psychology and sexual inversion of Sex by Havelock Ellis where he explains the fantasies, truth and other untouched areas of sex.

Even celebrities are not an exception here; find out more celebrity affairs outside their marriages. Comment on this article and tell us what will trigger you to have a relationship outside of your marriage or long-term relationship.

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5 Laws from Science True for Love life

Tuesday, February 5th, 2013

Laws are statements that describe and explain why phenomenon behave the way they do in nature. The scientific law is so aptly applicable to love life. Both the laws of love and laws of science depend on generating hypothesis, testing the premises and finding evidence and coming up with conclusions.

• Law of gravity: every mass exerts a gravitational force towards one another as proved by Sir Isaac Newton more than three hundred years ago. The law of gravity hold good in love life as well. The partners in a love relationship are attracted to each other and their lives revolve around each other in the same manner as the moon is attracted towards the Earth and rotates around it



• Newton’s first law of motion: states that an object remains in motion unless acted upon by an outside force. Two people who are in love continue to be in love unless an outside person creates friction between them which forces the couple to change the path of their relationship

• Law of Thermodynamics: tells us how energy works in a system. It so rightly applies to love life:
a. You can’t win!
b. You can’t break even!
c. You can’t quit game!

• Law of Evolution and Natural Selection: is a basic fundamental that works when you fall in love. Every person has different traits. When one is in love, the traits are modified to create an environment that is conducive to loving and caring.

• Theory of Relativity: was an important discovery made by Albert Einstein. Space and time are not absolute neither is love and affection. It varies in relation to a situation or circumstances

The laws of science are most applicable to love life and love can rightly be called a science.

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Four Tips on Successful Dating

Sunday, January 27th, 2013

Allow for Time
When you are going on your date, remember to allow yourself good time for traffic and other unexpected delays. Don’t arrive too early or too late, this can appear as desperate or a couldn’t care attitude from your dating partner

Four Tips on Successful Dating

Four Tips on Successful Dating

Aware of your Senses

When you go on a date, you may be very shy and become tongue-tied. Remember, there is many things to talk about that will keep you calm and cool. Pay close attention to the sights and sounds of everything around you to make for light hearted conversation. This will keep you from feeling uncomfortable and get you to talk in a relaxed way.

Think about your Partner
If you have been observant as well as being inquisitive about your partner’s interest, you will no doubt find things that he/she likes or even dislikes. Take time to learn what they like to do, eat or other activities and find out common activities or events where you both will have a great time. This also wins the appeal of your partner, after all this is your aim, if you are interested in a longer-term relationship with him/her.

Make it Different
Plan ahead and think about where you will want to go for dates and what things will be fun for either of you. This will make you appear more interested and develop a genuine interest in each other with good intentions.

To date successfully, you will need to keep your wits around you. Present yourself as an interesting person and don’t fret over things that your partner may or may not like. Even the smallest things can turn out to be very fun. For example, if you like gardening or flowers, buy some bulbs and then take your date to the place where you can plant them. You will find yourself and your date talking about all kinds of topics and not necessarily about plants.

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Understand Yourself and Change a Little

Saturday, January 26th, 2013

A famous Chinese proverb went like this ‘a journey of a thousand miles begins with a single step’. So it is in whatever endeavors. The real task we all have in our hands is to unravel the complexity and hence the big baggage that we ultimately end up with as we steer through life. Nature has taught us to enjoy the minutest pleasures such as a daffodil that sways to the gentle breeze. The steadfast mountains that fill the horizon with a picturesque blockade of blue. The sweet scent of jasmine tea as you hold it close to your mouth.

Understand yourself and change a little

Understand yourself and change a little

We need to unwind and unravel the pylons of ropes that reign upon us. These come in the guise of fear, lack of confidence, not trusting, laziness, boredom, lack of empathy and many others. Our first aim is to grapple with our own selves and understand our own strengths and shortcomings before we embark on the journey of life of our own making. The journey of life is how we see it, how we face it, how we make of it and always starts from the one single seed ‘me’.

Be honest with yourself and face squarely the biggest obstacle to your own success which is you. Slowly but surely remove the facade (the ego) that has held you back. Bit by bit. Make small but not big changes as each day unfolds and closes and know that you alone hold the key to a successful life.

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