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Review of Dating Site -

Wednesday, December 12th, 2012

In today’s mechanical and cyber world, offers the real human touch in finding the right match for you. The method to find a match is ancient but the way to meet someone is new. Here there are real people who will match a real person as per your needs.

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Review of Dating Site - - Part 2

Wednesday, December 12th, 2012

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With a human touch to find the mate for you, it is worth paying for the excellent services they offer. You can make the payment via PayPal or your credit card. You land on the ‘invite’ page. Choose the person you want to invite and Mr Brook will call them and inform them to come to Tawkify after matching you with that person.

Photo Profile Section

Upload your photographs. You cannot view the photographs of the cuties or the hunks upon registration. The Tawkify team actually studies your photographs and profiles to match it with the person who matches your interests, wit and personality. The curiosity and suspense is maintained as you do not know if you are going to meet the 6 feet tall handsome hunk or a 5 foot billionaire. The suspense ends only after your first talk with him or her.

Browse and Search Features

Browsing the is very easy and simple. It just makes lot of sense suddenly upon clicking any of the links. Upon registration, you can easily browse, invite a person who you may want to meet. Find the person who interests you and click on ‘invite’. Your profiles will be matched and if you both are the same kind of people then Mr Brook will do the rest till you receive the call from that invited person.

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Review of Dating Site - - Part 3

Wednesday, December 12th, 2012

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The site is highly popular as people have started believing that human intervention is always more effective than a software mechanical matching. You may have to wait for a long time before your probable date actually calls. At they actually find people who live nearby and not match you with a person who lives at the other end of the world!!


Since this amazing site has a concept of real people so you get to talk in person. No typed messages or online chats. Messages are conveyed through the medium which we call the telephone where two real people speak to each other and express their desires and emotions.

As you speak over the phone, your way of communication will express your personality and enthusiasm about life. The other person will be gauging you only from your voice. So keep a good temperament and speak clearly and intelligently. Your state of mind is expressed in your voice. So relax, pick up the phone with a smile and you maybe on you are on your way to finding your perfect match!

Other Features

There are interesting tips that are given on the side panel. These include how to talk on the phone, how to make a cocktail and tips to make the conversations more sensible and exciting rather than being a whiner and keep cribbing. These tips are useful in everyday life as well.

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Review of Dating Site - - Part 4

Wednesday, December 12th, 2012

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Member Base

The member base is growing rapidly. Despite being a paid site, it is gaining popularity as people are realizing that human matching is much more accurate than mechanical matching. Life is all about emotions and expressions and not just typing a few words or chatting online.

Ease of registration process 3 out of 5
Look and feel of website 4 out of 5
Available features 3 out of 5
Profile creation & completeness 4 out of 5
Matching System 5 out of 5
Overall Rating 3 out of 5

Ranking Statistics is ranked 785,926 on the internet ranking site. It is slowly gaining popularity as people are going back to the old method of finding a match through real people.
The old saying ‘old is gold’ is so true. It was considered very trendy to find a life-partner online as one kept up with the changing times. Now, many have realized that nothing can match the human touch and intervention. Computerized matching does not involve any emotions or any complex criteria’s that are only significant to humans. We humans are emotional beings; being matched with the right person makes life complete and fulfilling. Only a real person can possibly know the two people and match them to become an ideal pair. Remember good things in life don’t come for free. Register with Tawkify and add some meaning to your life by sharing it with the right person.

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Some tips on choosing fantastic free dating sites - Dr Dato’s Brief

Monday, June 20th, 2011

Today more and more dating sites are coming onto the scene and the typical person is now left with a bewildering number of choices. These dating sites and often completely free dating sites seem to cover every niche and angle you can think of.

There are free dating sites that cater to the music lovers, cat lovers and even people who are into gadgets.

What to choose and where to start?

Most people would rush to any dating site that they find through surfing or doing searches and when something grabs their attention, they sign up without any questions. This is often a mistake because many free dating sites put a glamorous front-end in order to lure you into signing up but once you have registered you find that there are many people lacking on the site. We have covered reviews of many free dating sites in our blog, just to to the category on the right to Free Dating Site Reviews where we have done the hard work for you and have gone through the whole process and give you unbiased opinion of the site.

One important factor that differentiates good free dating sites over others is the member base. You will find in our reviews that we have a special section on member base which we determine through several parameters including traffic and visits to the site. Above all, pick a dating site that has a good member base, because this will be more important than just simply the snazzy looks.

looks can be deceiving with some free dating sites

looks can be deceiving with some free dating sites

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