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Romantification of vacation: How to Guide

Sunday, September 22nd, 2013

Daily workload, stress, meeting project deadlines and generating more profit in a fumbling economy can take the fun out of your life and if both the partners are working than the situation can be worse. Candle light dinner, weekend outings and cosmopolitan magazine tips to spice up your sex life won’t work if there is an emotional disconnect that has created the vacuum in the relationship.

Romantification of vacation: How to Guide

Romantification of vacation: How to Guide

One of the best way to get rid of this vacuum is fill it with some fresh air and rediscover the relationship. Taking a break and going to a location where you have always wanted and especially not with no baggage of office work can help in a great deal.

How to prepare for a romantic vacation

1. As you are going on a break and likely to be longer than usual make sure you take your finances seriously. Ensure you don’t run out of money away from home and have a backup plan for these kind of situation as you can spend some extra money on leisure.

2. Choose the location that both of you can enjoy and remember its all about “WE” on this romantic holiday.

3. Shopping is one of the best ways to set the mood for a holiday, for a change shape by his/her choice.

4. Plan complete holiday in advance taking help of tour operator to avoid last minute hassles.

5. If you are going to a place where languages will be a barrier, try to learn basic things.

How to Make Holiday Romantic

1. Spend time to relive some old moments and reminisce the love that sparked between you. Both of you might feel you guys did lots of stupid acts to get each others attention.

2. Use photos to rekindle the love, we get stimulated easily by visual imagery.

3. Small talk with a romantic walk close to nature creates the perfect setting with the sun going down in the background.

4. Music is the best way to get in the mood before you set the night on fire with some steamy love making Kama-Sutra positions. With smart phone apps, it’s so easy to try new positions as the Kamasutra apps are just a tap away.

Don’t forget to add comments and your real experiences to rekindle the old love.

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The Sordid Truth about Love in this Square World

Monday, April 30th, 2012

Love as we would like to know it, is something that germinates within us and gives us seemingly uncontrollable bursts of love and passion inside all of us. Ideally, it makes everything around us more interesting and desirable and we have new elevated feelings that unfolds and gives us insights into the world never imagined before. We know that love truly comes from the heart and many of us are still waiting in anticipation to bite into this forbidden apple. Can love be so overpowering and yet so distant? I fear not, and love can surely be induced by the will of the person.

The Sordid Truth about Love in this Square World

The Sordid Truth about Love in this Square World

We all like to romanticize love and throughout history we have fashioned couples who portray love in its most purest form such as Romeo & Juliet, Cleopatra & Mark Anthony, Lancelot and Guinevere and the list goes on. It seems that love has no boundaries and effectively the couples are so drenched with each other in love that all practicalities of life takes secondary precedence. The question is how long will this love be sustained and will a true measure of its omnipotence be until the dying days. Inevitably we characterize the zealous love between the two lovers with a tragic ending. Clearly the notions of fantastic love has no place on this earth.

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No doubt all of us in some way strive towards such unbridled feelings that emancipates the very depth and soul of our body and says unto you ‘this is the real you’. Because of this innate nature in all of us, we can in fact have the capability and the capacity for love. However, this capacity will take on a whole new shape if the ‘love’ is not reciprocated. Let me give you examples, you like someone of the opposite sex and every being in your body says ‘it’s a good thing’. You let your heart take over and soon you are engaged in a love story all by yourself. If your partner happens to feel the same way, then you are in luck, however if he/she is skilled in the nuances of love and affection, you can find yourself ensnared in the love of your own making.

The point is that everyone has the ‘key’ to love and they can open it with whomever they wish but their selection is deeply rooted in their own personal feelings and trust with that individual. We live in a world where it’s moving at the speed of light and people are becoming less patient and more into their own lives. We need to pause and take a breath and rather than the physical world consuming the very energy inside of us, we need to step back and reflect. The world needs to become less square and more round for love to take on it’s original understanding and meaning that it always had.

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