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5 PDA (public affection) your boyfriend will love

Saturday, February 16th, 2013

Acts of affection in public (PDA) view are acceptable by Western societies though it is still taboo in Oriental and Asian cultures. During the Victorian era, it was totally prohibited though few acts of public display of affection (PDA) are acceptable now.

It is a thrilling moment when you express your affection for your boyfriend impromptu. The emotion of love rushes and blinds you while your PDA excites your boyfriend and strengthens your relationship.

5 PDA your boyfriend will love

5 PDA your boyfriend will love

• Holding hands when walking together makes your guy feel good about himself. The warmth that is transmitted gives a glow to the face and the relationship as well

• A quick peck on the cheeks or lips when coming down the escalator will take him by surprise and keep him excited enough and craving for more

• Hug him on a winter day or a sunny day. It’s always nice to give and receive a hug as it releases the feel good hormones in the brain. Keep your beltline away and your hands too above the belt-line

• Play with his hair especially near the nape of his neck and he will love it. Don’t make it look vulgar as vulgarity is always disturbing to the people around

• Don’t scream but whisper the magic words ‘I Love You’. It is perfectly acceptable in public. It makes your boyfriend feel secure and wanted. Don’t overdo to the extent of embarrassing him.

These simple and subtle PDA will make your boyfriend feel good about him and massage his ego too. This will surely lead to a better understanding and relationship between you both and make life more exciting when together.

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Understand Yourself and Change a Little

Saturday, January 26th, 2013

A famous Chinese proverb went like this ‘a journey of a thousand miles begins with a single step’. So it is in whatever endeavors. The real task we all have in our hands is to unravel the complexity and hence the big baggage that we ultimately end up with as we steer through life. Nature has taught us to enjoy the minutest pleasures such as a daffodil that sways to the gentle breeze. The steadfast mountains that fill the horizon with a picturesque blockade of blue. The sweet scent of jasmine tea as you hold it close to your mouth.

Understand yourself and change a little

Understand yourself and change a little

We need to unwind and unravel the pylons of ropes that reign upon us. These come in the guise of fear, lack of confidence, not trusting, laziness, boredom, lack of empathy and many others. Our first aim is to grapple with our own selves and understand our own strengths and shortcomings before we embark on the journey of life of our own making. The journey of life is how we see it, how we face it, how we make of it and always starts from the one single seed ‘me’.

Be honest with yourself and face squarely the biggest obstacle to your own success which is you. Slowly but surely remove the facade (the ego) that has held you back. Bit by bit. Make small but not big changes as each day unfolds and closes and know that you alone hold the key to a successful life.

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