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Why You Are Single?

Monday, January 28th, 2013

Everybody looks out for a companion at every stage in their lives. If you are single, most of you have asked yourself “why me”? Devote some time for yourself and ask yourself the answer to these questions that are probably preventing you from developing a relationship.

• The top excuse is that I am focusing on my career. Successful people do maintain relationships. Stop hiding behind your work and look for a person to add spice to your life. Support will come in many guises in having a good partner in a relationship

Why You Are Single

Why You Are Single

• Are you afraid of change or commitment? Most people find a comfort zone in the way they live their life. A companion surely enhances the quality of life so why are you denying companionship even if you had one failed relationship?

• Have you set unrealistic standards about yourself? You believe your standards are so high that you are preventing people from meeting and relating to them. Let go and have some fun

• Relationship is a two way street which requires hard work. Are you lazy that you don’t want to work towards building and nurturing a relationship?

• I am not attractive/hot/young/smart enough to find a date is what you have started believing in? Forget what others say, get your confidence and self esteem up and focus on where you want to go

Don’t fool yourself. Go find a date for yourself amongst your friends or from online dating websites rather than hiding behind excuses.

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Free Dating Website - From a layman’s eye [Experts Never Asked]

Friday, January 25th, 2013

Whether you are 19 or 90, there is a time in life when you feel lonely and yearn for companionship. Being single on a working day is easy to handle as you are with colleagues at work or college. It is the weekends that force you into negative thoughts about yourself. Free dating websites are the best solution to find a companion for an evening or a lifetime.

Free dating websites sound simple and must be designed as simple for a layman to navigate. What appeals to a layman is the attractiveness of the landing page. Don’t clutter it, it should be easy to read and convey positive vibes. When looking for a companion, one is already going through some stage of depression so a smiling and welcoming face on the page relaxes the visitors mind.

“]Free Dating Website - From a layman’s eye [Experts Never Asked]

Most sites have a simple and easy registration process with asking just a few questions to begin surfing. Most websites give the option to give specific details later while a few do ask minor details while registering which a visitor feels can be intrusive to their privacy.

Navigation must be easy by making the titles easy to understand and pages must load fast to hold the visitors attention. Privacy and security of information must be given top priority and the website must instill this faith in its visitors so they register with a free mind.

A layman is interested in only finding a true companion with whom his or hers wavelength matches. KISS (keep it simple sir) is what the visitors are asking for.


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