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Looking for the Best Free Dating Sites – It Starts with the Personality

Wednesday, February 29th, 2012

There is no denying that online singles looking for the best free dating sites will start with a search engine such as Google or Yahoo. However, they may also have heard from their other single counterparts of dating websites that they have joined and recommended. Keep in mind that all of us singles have very different requirements to the rest of us and we need to keep that in mind when choosing the dating website that will work for u. In addition, the way we use the site and what frequency is also a bearing of our own personality and this is also key to successful online dating.
Let me breakdown some interesting singles profiles that are usually on the hunt to find their match through other online dating websites and free dating sites.

Looking for the Best Free Dating Sites – It Starts with the Personality

Looking for the Best Free Dating Sites – It Starts with the Personality

Single No. 1 – The Predator

This online single user operates on the internet in usually the same manner that they do if they were in a bar or a singles club. The character is more prevalent in males but women can have this too. When they are on Facebook and see a photo or a profile that takes their fancy, they are quick to act. It may lead them to another dating site, in which case, they will join instantly, hunt for the woman or man in question or look for others that take their fancy.

Single No. 2 – The Observer

This dating single is on the lookout and many people are not always aware of their motives as they don’t make it obvious. They will cover their tracks so as not to offend anyone but will still try to get the work done in their own strategic way. They measure the options very carefully and select dating websites including free dating sites which they feel are most suitable to them. Unlike the predator above, they take their time. Of course, like everyone else they may not find what they are looking for and he/she will more likely be disappointed with failures than others.

Single No. 3 – The Heartbreaker

One can mistake this online profile with the Predator but there are subtle nuances. This dating single moves with their emotions and usually judges everything by the way they feel. They are carefully observant of the other websites and rely completely on the ethereal and ‘feel-good-factor’ of the dating site to make decisions. They are the most likely be disappointed in affairs of the heart, but cannot always understand why.

Which Dating Single do you belong to?

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