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Trying to find free online dating platforms - where are they now?

The internet landscape changes tremendously and many single folks are out there are still on the hunt for those free date sites. The problem is that as I have reported before, users just don’t have the time and energy to scrutinously look for these sites through the top search engines such as Google, Bing or Yahoo. The only means to find those sites is to scan the first few pages of the search engines and take the best guess which site would work for them.

I am afraid to say that the returned results are not all that accurate as it includes a number of paid dating sites. However, help is at hand. Instead of going by the first set of results in the search, I suggest you examine the snippets and copy the dating site url to the site called Here you will be returned with the most interesting set of results you can think of. You will then be able to do some initial research on the site before you make the long-winded decision of going through the arduous registration process and signing up.

The criterias that you should be interested include the following:

  • Unique visitors - make sure that the site has a minimum number of unique visitors - 500 per day is a good figure
  • Location site is hosted - this can tell you if the site is not tucked away in the corner of the internet world - check that they are located in major cities and towns that you are familiar with
  • Alexa traffic rank - I would not put much weight on this as Alexa tries to cover the entire websites of the world and there is little meaning unless you have categories of websites sorted in groups
  • Ad revenue/net worth - Just ignore

Hope this will allow you to filter the chaff from the wheat and give you more time to focus on the date sites that matter and allow you to end up finding your ideal date or partner.

hypestat site gives you pertinent info about a dating site

hypestat site gives you pertinent info about a dating site

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  1. Hemphop says:

    New to the website dating myself …. nothing I can really add

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