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Privacy Policy
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JumpDates is highly committed to protecting your privacy. We want you to spend more time meeting new people through our site and not to worry about your privacy.

1. JumpDates was designed and built to provide an easy service for members to meet like minded members online in the areas of match making. Our members create a unique profile which allows other members to match up some characteristics and engage in communication through our private messaging service.

2. All private information such as firstname, lastname, etc. are kept confidential it is not available to users or other members of this site. It is not possible for a user and member using the site to be able to obtain the true identity of an individual unless the member makes this available through the messaging etc.

3. Information made available to other members is strictly the information you see when clicking on members profiles and this is done through a selected username.

4. We will never sell or otherwise share your name, e-mail address, or other personal information with any other business or marketing campaign without your permission.

5. Am I protected by Law? We're subject to it just like everyone else. We're required to give information to legal authorities if they have the proper authorization such as a search warrant or court order. Your private information is held safely on our servers.

6. Your individual use of JumpDates and your interaction with others through JumpDates will be kept strictly private.

7. If our privacy policy changes in a way that will materially affect our users, we will either notify them by e-mail or post a notice of the changes on the site.

We take our Privacy Policy very seriously. We want you to have confidence whenever you use JumpDates. If you have questions or concerns, please use this form to contact us.