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Username : Autumnflames ( MOUNT ORAB ,Ohio ,United States )
Headline : Looking to find that one person to have fun with...
Age : 35
Occupation : Manufacturing
Have Kids : No
Want Kids : Yes
Drinks : Regularly
Smokes : Occasionally
Gender : Male
Height : 5'7"
Body Type : Thin
Ethnicity : White/Caucasian
Religion : Christian
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About Me
Hair Color :
Eye Color :
I would describe myself as :
Caring, Honest, Intelligent, Creative
About me and who I am looking for :
I love the outdoors, wether its warm weather or cold. I look at the stars almost every night. I love a good thunderstorm also. I like to go out and have fun when I'm not working. During the warmer months I like to ride my sportster or go fishing. I also like rock music, not the nereew rock but the tried and true. 80's metal is my top interest right now. I can listen to anything but I will not tolerate rap or hiphop or anything of that type. I love animals, have 1 dog 2 snakes and a gecko. Everything has a home that it stays in so theres no need to worry about being bothered by them. I like girls who don't mind getting pretty for a serious date but are also not afraid to be seen without makeup. I take care of myself to try and stay in shape but I don't work out regularly. I like sports but I am not currently on any team. I'll be fair and say I do drink, but I'm not an alky. If I don't drink every week it's no big deal. I'm strong willed so doing the right thing is easy wether I want to do it or not. I do believe in and try to live for god, but I don't goto church regularly and also still have fun. All in all I try to be a good person, I don't lie or steal, cheating is a horrible thing to do, and respect and honor are some of the most important things a person could have. I want to have somebody to charish and take care of, to spoil and do anything to make them happy.

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What I like to do for fun :
Some of my favorit things to do are the simplest. Bonfires in the evening, coffee at sunrise, reading a book or playing cards by candlelight when the power is out. I\'m am fairly simple guy, anything can be fun with the right person.
Activities I like :
Exercise Habits :
About once a week
Eating Habits :
Eats healthy most of the time
About life style :
I will be straight forward, I work ALOT. It don't leave much time through the week but weekends are free. It's worth it though because I just bought a new 2011 car. I like to watch movies, play video games, and play with my nephew on the weekends. I like to relax when I can, and work hard when I have to. I don't goto many social events since those things can be boring alone, but I would love to have a friend to take places. I know it sais I drink regularly but I picked that because I drink whenever I feel like it, not once a month, not every weekend, not daily. Just kind of whenever. I love baseball and soccer. I don't watch much of either but I love ot play them.
Background & Values
Languages I speak :
Siblings :
Political Standpoint :
Prefer not to say
Born Reverted :
Background Values :
Both of my parents are still together, and I think that lends me a lot of strength towards relationships. I have seen tough times and easy ones, and how to work through the worst of it all. I hold women in my life above all else. Momma and grandmommas, and hopefully someday a wife and daughter. I am the opening doors type, respectful and polite. My parents raised me old fashioned like and I think thats a good way to be. I don't sleep around or cheat, or run around and mislead(<- yes, thats bad too) or lie to people. I am always honest about things. One of my biggest values in life is working hard and being responsible. Trust is important to me therefore I try to be as honest as possible.
Education & Career
Highest Level of Education :
Some College
College Attended :
Occupation :
Occupation Description :
I work for a factory called Senco. I run one of the more important machines there. The factory makes staples, nails, and fasteners as such as well as the guns that fire them. My responsibility is to make the first stage of staples, or band, as its called. Its a group of wires glued together side by side and wrapped on a spool. the spool is then sent to machines that cut and bend the cut pieces into staples. Its simple sounding but a lot more goes on than what is here... I probly shouldn't have said "that" much, since its a top secret operation. lol j/k
Annual Income :
USD 26,000-35,000