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Username : cmbaileyj ( SAN DIMAS ,California ,United States )
Headline : Life, one hilarious moment after another
Age : 38
Occupation : Self-Employed
Have Kids : Yes
Want Kids : No
Drinks : Occasionally
Smokes : Regularly
Gender : Female
Height : 5'3"
Body Type : Medium Build
Ethnicity : White/Caucasian
Religion : Non-Religious
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About Me
Hair Color :
Eye Color :
I would describe myself as :
All in all I'm a simple woman, who is happy with simple things.
About me and who I am looking for :
I've been through a lot in my relatively short life and I can proudly say I can handle my baggage my self. I prefer DVD movie night to going to the movies, burgers to steak, and daisies to roses. I'm family oriented and very selfish with my time. My preferences in all categories (music, food, movies, literature, ect.) are eclectic at best, and are not central to who I am as a person. In other words, a laundry list of my likes and dislikes will not help you get to know me. There are qualities innate to my personality that may clue more aware people in to what I am like, but again, aspects of how I am do not make who I am. I can say that I'm argumentative and willful. Or maybe that as bull-headed as I am, I'm still cute as hell. I could write in here that I love my family and adore my son, that I will crush anyone who hurts them. I could tell you that I always do what needs to be done, even if it involves actions which are illegal or iniquitous. I could say any number of things that would allude to my character and preferences, but in the end all you could gather from all that is if our tastes are similar. I believe if two people are honest - with themselves and each other - and attentive enough, that they can know one another in just a few short hours. Within the span of a date, two people can truly come to know each other and decide if they are attracted. Really, attraction and compatibility is just a series of chemical reactions to pheromones and body language. Do you want to know me?

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What I like to do for fun :
Camping, hiking, baking, cooking, arts and crafts, gaming, and so much more!
Activities I like :
Exercise Habits :
About once a week
Eating Habits :
Eats healthy most of the time
About life style :
I'm not thinking about marriage or more children. I really haven't decided if I'm interested in anymore of those things and I'm not considering deciding any time soon.
Background & Values
Languages I speak :
Siblings :
Political Standpoint :
Between Conservative and Progressive
Born Reverted :
Background Values :
"The last temptation is the greatest treason; to do the right deed for the wrong reason." - T.S. Eliot
Education & Career
Highest Level of Education :
High School
College Attended :
Occupation :
Occupation Description :
Currently I have many occupations; some are rewarding, some enjoyable, and some just fill the time. None of it is what I want for my career.
Annual Income :
USD Prefer not to say