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Username : funnegryl ( HOUSTON ,Texas ,United States )
Headline : Funne, witty, intelligent, caring mother earth type. Like to travel, and enjoy life from sunrise to sunset.
Age : 76
Occupation : Medical Dental
Have Kids : Yes
Want Kids : No
Drinks : Never
Smokes : Never
Gender : Female
Height : 5'6"
Body Type : Slender
Ethnicity : White/Caucasian
Religion : Christian
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About Me
Hair Color :
Eye Color :
I would describe myself as :
patient, humorous
About me and who I am looking for :
Funne, witty, intelligent, caring mother earth type. Like to travel, and enjoy life from sunrise to sunset. Give me a book and I'll be happy to sit in a corner and read... Love to crochet, sew, and paint. Then, the last thing is, of course, I love to shop, shop, shop... I don't have to buy anything, just go looking and pinching! As Granny used to say. LOL =^..^= I like helping people when I can. I work for a doctor so it's second nature to me. Same way with animals too. Have just taken in a stray tomcat, or rather he adopted me. I just pay his bills. I am a cancer survivor and have had open heart surgery. But hey, I have been waking up every morning since and thank the Lord He's seen fit to give me a few more years. I wouldn't have missed this for anything. I'm not through yet... got a few more things to do and places to go.

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What I like to do for fun :
Reading, watching a good comedy, going to the ocean/beach, lake or mountains. However, I prefer to hunker down in a nice hotel with real beds. I have done did the camping thingy and given up mosquitos, ants, flies and roaches for the rest of my life
Activities I like :
Museums and Art
Exercise Habits :
A few times a year
Eating Habits :
Eats healthy most of the time
About life style :
I do what I want when I want...except when my boss says otherwise. Then I have to do what he wants when he wants. I suppose I will continue to work as long as I can. I don't do well as a couch potato...I think one becomes stale that way. I prefer fresh and smart. And I like looking that way too. When ya got it flaunt it! It may hang a little different than it did a couple of years a go, but so does everybody elses. Not even Elizabeth Taylor looks the same. And nobody wants to be Dorian Gray! Nuh-uh, not me! Mirror Mirror on the wall, I am my MOTHER after all! Hooray! And Snow White lives....teehee!
Background & Values
Languages I speak :
English, Other
Siblings :
Political Standpoint :
Born Reverted :
Background Values :
Moral, conservative, christian. Hard working for the past 30 years supporting my family and trying to keep my hard earned savings out of the hands of the greedy Dumocrats who are bound and determined to swoop down and take it all away so they can give it to illeagle scum who never worked or paid taxes a day in their life in support of this country. If I have to bury it in the back yard, then I will. I will not be tax on money that has already been taxed out the wazoo again. There is going to be a revolution in this country and it is the little man who will rise up and swallow the ducks in Washington. There I'm through with the soap box. You can have it back for the next fellow.
Education & Career
Highest Level of Education :
Some College
College Attended :
Some College
Occupation :
Medical Dental
Occupation Description :
Annual Income :
USD 26,000-35,000