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Username : jwcarson ( AUGUSTA ,Georgia ,United States )
Headline : Maybe they're here?
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Gender : Male
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Im great!!
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Watch out!! What you are about to read may not be believable!! It's a 28 year old man looking for Love Not sex. I'll be honost......I'm not a virgin!! I do have a sex drive( DoNT STOP reading!! It gets better!!!) I wanted to save myself for my wife but the temptation was too strong.. Don't hate me for having a sex drive. Love me. Possibly...fall in love with me. Because I want to be in love myself. Then we can share my sex drive and your sex drive with each other!! Awesome!! Now that I've cleared the air with that. Lets get this description going!! I'm an honost guy. I dislike games as much as you. Like I mentioned, I do have a sex drive but don't let that part of me distract you from the truth of who I am. I want to be in love and share my life with someone, Have children with someone, Have a deep intimate and trusting companionship with someone!!! I feel like I have alot to offer someone. Despite being moderately attractive.... I have a great corny sense of humor. I use alot of puns and Word play in my humor. Its often silly but its who I am. Im not a Hyper Silly. So, Im not bouncing of the walls all the time. Although, I do like to be hyper and just cut loose and have fun from time to time. However, Most of the time Im very calm and collected. Most night are spent at home just relaxing. I've been told that I have a sweet disposition. I do feel that I'm a very nice guy. I like to make people feel special. I think everyone has something special about them!! I try to find that special thing and exhort it. Just like everyone else, I want to travel and see as much of this beautiful world that God created! However, time and money make traveling difficult sometimes. As far as a career goes, I currently own my own business. CreditMasters Credit Restoration!! Im loving what I do. It Helps People and if all goes well then I can take My company to a national level in just a few short years. I have BIG dreams for building my future financially. This Company is My first. I plan on being a part of many more throughout my lifetime. For now, I make a really decent income. I believe that finances are important in a relationship. This is why I'm mentioning my career. I've read alot of womens profile that state that they want a man who knows who he is and what he wants. I want to say that I like me( not meaning that In a conceited way) however, I know that as I get older that who I am and what I want out of life will evolve And a person can't really expect a man or woman in their 20's to be 100%. For some it does take a lifetime to figure out who they are and what they want. I will tell you that Im grounded. If you want a man who is grounded then you need a man who's rooted in faith. Faith In Jesus. I am!! I feel for those who are not. Because where do they put their hope? I hope as you read my profile and check out my pics and that you think to yourself " Hmmm, this guy seems interesting." If you'd like to know anything at all about me.... Please ask!! I hope to hear from you soon!!!

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