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Username : scottyboy1277 ( MONMOUTH ,Oregon ,United States )
Headline : Looking for a romantic and nerdy girl I can have a long term relationship with.
Age : 30
Occupation : Student
Have Kids : No
Want Kids : Yes
Drinks : Never
Smokes : Never
Gender : Male
Height : 6'1"
Body Type : Medium Build
Ethnicity : White/Caucasian
Religion : Non-Religious
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About Me
Hair Color :
Eye Color :
I would describe myself as :
A very romantic nerd. I like cheesy romance, but I also like the arts, internet, and video games.
About me and who I am looking for :
I love to laugh at life and have fun whenever possible, not to say I don't take life seriously when I need to. I like to listen to other people's problems and do my best to help them out. I love video games, reading and writing, and I want to meet a girl who has the same kinds of passions. But, I'm not terribly picky, because I believe that love can be found between anyone, no matter what the interests are. I LOVE romance. I'm the kind of guy that smiles when I even think about holding hands while walking on the beach or kissing in the rain. I absolutely want someone who can be as romantic and caring as I am. I like to think of myself as a nice guy, but I tend to be overlooked a lot, so message me, speak up! I'm open to meeting almost anyone!

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What I like to do for fun :
I thought I would include camping on my activity list because camping is pretty fun. I like to hang out with friends whenever possible, play video games, read, write, watch movies, hang out at the beach, walk through the forest and dance in the rain.
Activities I like :
Exercise Habits :
Several times a week or more
Eating Habits :
Eats healthy most of the time
About life style :
I try to live an active and healthy lifestyle by eating well and going to the gym whenever possible. One of my goals for years has been to be in the best physical shape I can possibly be in, because it raises my self confidence. I try to get out with my friends whenever I can because I think without friendship, life isn't really worth living. I make sure to take care of myself, because if you don't take care of the person in the mirror, you won't be able to take care of anyone else you care about. I am constantly striving to make sure that my friends are as happy as they can be and I will go any distance to help a friend in need. I try to spend time with my family whenever possible because they are a huge part of my life and raised me since birth.
Background & Values
Languages I speak :
Siblings :
Political Standpoint :
Prefer not to say
Born Reverted :
Background Values :
I was not raised in a religious household, because my parents wanted me to believe what I wanted to believe, and I have since become an atheist, though I respect all beliefs, because no one truly knows what is out there. The things I value most in life are friends, family, love, honesty and trust. In a relationship specifically, love, honesty and trust are important building blocks for me. And of course, the age old "treat others how you would like to be treated" is very important and I try to do that whenever I can.
Education & Career
Highest Level of Education :
High School
College Attended :
Occupation :
Occupation Description :
I'm currently a student trying to get my bachelor's degree in criminal justice to become a park ranger. During the summer, I work at a local state park near my home dealing with campers and money transactions for payment fees into the park.
Annual Income :
USD Less than 25,000