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Travel to Morocco - Jan 2011

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I recently took a trip to Morocco and wanted to share my experiences of travel with other fellow travelers.

It has been a long time since I traveled abroad to vacation destinations and I was inclined to go to Morocco because of a gentle push from one of my old friends that I grew up with in England.

He loved Morocco so much that he asked me to join him which I did, plus it was an ideal opportunity to travel because England was very cold and clammy in the month of Jan and I was looking forward to some warm weather.

As soon as we got to Makrakesh, we found ourselves stranded at the airport because our luggage had been left at the Casablanca airport.

To read more please visit my facebook entry of my trip…

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No thank you. I would go to China or Singapore instead.

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I was in Morocco in 2004 🙂

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