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Look and Feel

The initial impression of the website is that it appears very simple. Background of the site is a light blue and on the front is a black and white photograph of a smiling couple. To the left you will see the blue colored registration box or sign-up form. As you go to the bottom of the site you will see the information about the site, like the evow community and how you can access the site.

Registration Process

The registration process is very lengthy process. Firstly you need to give your username and password then the site will send you a confirmation mail. As you login through the site you will see a very lengthy and almost never ending questionnaire which is mandatory to use the website. You cannot skip any part and the information requested includes country, state, height, hair color, smoking/drinking habits, eye color and faith.

Then you provide your background information like ethnicity, body type, education, occupation, exercise habits and zodiac sign.

You also need to give information about children, if you have any.

The sign-up process is very much like eharmony (lengthy) and is probably trying to emulate this business model and it just so happens the owner of Plentyoffish has launched this website.

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