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Gifting Ideas for All

Gifts speak louder than words. What you gift easily conveys what you feel or desire. Depending on the stage of relationship the right gift should be given to convey the right emotions. Flowers and jewelry gifting were the norm, now coffee mugs, tees, pens, gadgets, dedicating songs have taken over as gift ideas.

Love has also been commercialized with many gifts available in the market for different stages of relationship. True love gets a special gift that would make them feel wonderful and wanted thereby taking the relationship a stage higher.

Gifting Ideas for All

Gifting Ideas for All

A three month dating is usually referred to as casual dating. This may involve or not involve a physical relationship. Here each person tries to understand the date with a prospective long term future alliance or relationship.

If it’s the first date then the stuff to gift is very different from what you will give your long term date.

If you are friends with benefit, then there is no need to gift as both are just interested in a casual sex relationship with no commitment.

Gifts for first date:

Each person is excited and tensed about the first date. The best way to break the ice is to give a small gift to your date. Simple gifts like a single yellow flower will convey friendship while a white flower will convey purity, a well decorated cup cake, box of candy, a little stuffed toy as you can check before hand if he/she likes stuff toys or not or a bottle of wine.

Gifts in a casual relationship:

If you have been dating for almost three months then it is time to exchange gifts for birthdays, Valentines, Christmas or holiday season. These are just excuses to convey to the person that you care and interested in taking the relationship to the next stage.

Pay attention to your conversation to know the date’s interest in music, sports, wine, food or games. A true sports fan would love the team jersey or the latest music CD of the favorite performer. CD, DVD or magazine subscription is also a good gift for casual dating as it is effective but not very expensive.

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  1. dcole050401 says:

    Yes, check to see if she likes stuffed toys, but don’t ask her if she likes wine. lol

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