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People, if you still believe in Donald Trump, please read this.

July 18, 20199:21 am


In my last posting of Donald Trump, I made a post that the new president elect Donald Trump was maybe a good thing for our country. I was willing to give him a chance. However, having seen the chaos that ensued since becoming president, I am sorry to say that I absolutely want this man out of the office.

The recent events of the exchanges between Donald Trump and some of the congress women show Trump’s true colors and his real intentions. He will not stop at any level to criticize and diminish women, people of race, color, religion or any other groups whom he thinks does not fit into his profile of the ‘American Great’. Nancy Pelosi is absolutely right to say that his intentions are to make America White Again. A vote at the house was passed with 240 against 187 condemning Trump’s racist remarks. After the vote, Trump praises the Republicans for showing strength in not voting against him and turns it around blaming the Democrats. What?!??! Are you kidding me Mr. Trump, they only voted for you so they can still have a job at the end of the day and knowing what kind of an ignoramus clout you are with people. Do you honestly think they are siding with you on the race issue, wake up and understand the reality of the situation. Every individual on the planet knows you are a bigoted racist. You have gone to the last limit with your defense of your tweets and worse still, preaching to your mob of followers to be racist!

Trump has an affinity for the far-right extremist groups whose aims are in line with his own. He has been condemned by all other nations of the world for his often toxic tweets that are normally spewed in children’s playgrounds and forgotten in adult life.

When are people going to wake up and realize that he is not trying to unite US but to disassemble it to the roots where it originated from. This is slavery, apartheid, opression, colonialism, protectionism, white supremacy or whatever you might like to label it as. The painful truths of the past where people throughout history have fought so hard to disband are now worming it’s way back through Donald Trump. Do you honestly think that this man wants to solve the problems of the country and unite people of all races to work together to create a better future for our children?

Trump is far from the egalitarian politician that is expected of a true president, his aims are to separate America from the rest of the world as we are seeing it now but he also has another agenda and that is to separate the very people that made America what it is now. He appeals to the people who thinks he is a straight laced person who just speaks his mind. Surely, someone who does that, won’t beat around the bush and will get the job done. I have news for you too, this is not what it takes to run a country, it takes great wisdom and a moral conduct with a selfless attitude and duty to serve the people you care and stand for. Do you honestly see this in Trump? I see this as a polar opposite… a man who centers around himself, an egotistical madman who only makes judgements based on his whimsical desires.

So where did this all go wrong? How did we come to this sordid position?

It is true that Trump came from a business background and one expected that he could use the same techniques and methods to run the country. I believed that this was the strongest point that he had in his favor that got him elected. Having been witness to three years of Trump in the oval office, I have provided my theory and opinion of what went sour, and hopefully people of the nation won’t be too quick to judge next time!

Trump Before:
Before Trump came to power he was appreciated for his business dealings and notorious for his brazen character and was both liked and criticized by the business community. He built up an empire which he simply calls ‘Trump’ and by no means at the top of the Forbes richest charts list, but always enjoyed the limelight. He once pursued the editor of a popular NY newspaper regarding an article that described him as a millionaire and wanted this to be corrected to ‘billionaire’.

The business he had run can be viewed with the org chart below.

Fig. 1 Trump’s previous business - org chart

The ‘Trump’ business has evolved over many years and Trump basically worked his way from the bottom up and have focussed primarily on properties. Understandably he has a good grasp of his own business ie. having acquired over many years, dealing, growing and expanding his base of operation. Thus, he relies on an army of loyalists that work directly under him. These loyalists have been firm and totally abiding to Trump’s aims and goals. You can see a reflection of this characteristic way of doing business in the Whitehouse today. Trump knows that he can rely on these ‘informers’ who basically give him advice and help him to triumph in his main business.

Now, let’s look at the org chart of the government and see where he stands (Fig. 2).

Fig. 2 Trump at the Whitehouse - org chart

Here in the Whitehouse, we see a completely different landscape when comparing the two org charts. The government organizations that have evolved over centuries are entirely alien to Mr. Trump except for maybe the government departments that he had dealings with regarding his property business. Without this core knowledge, Trump can only rely on his advisors within his cabinet. Unfortunately, unlike his Trump business empire, the so called loyalists cannot be 100% loyal to Trump as their hands are tied down with government legislation and bureaucracy. Something Trump had to learn the hard way, when he planned the exodus or stopping many muslims from entering the country.

The ‘vacuum’ in Fig. 2 that Trump doesn’t really care about has been bypassed by his tweeter account that connects directly to the people. In some sense, Trump obtains some solace in burping through his tweeter account, as he is often met with all sorts of obstacles and resistance at the top end. Understandably, his first frustration is that nothing gets done in the government in the way he wants it. So over his three year term, he addresses what he knows best and that is to get good deals on the table. Henceforth, the war on trade with China, disbanding the Iranian nuclear deal, abandoning NAFTA and the climate changes and so forth. The message he wanted to send out there is that he is tough and calculating, the persona he held in his own empire.

One can argue if this has worked or not and indirectly benefited the nation.

Unfortunately a big resounding NO.

Trump has done nothing to bring in the money to the Washington coffers, in actual fact he has increased the debt ceiling by giving more tax breaks for the rich and shafting the lower third of the population. Putting steel tariffs only escalated the trade war and ultimately the people of the country will pay more in terms of higher cost. He has already bailed out US farmers from the tariffs he has put on Chinese food imports.

His methods and tactics are not working and for good reasons and tooting his own horn makes no real progress. The Whitehouse cannot be run like his business empire and that is a fact.

Trump has no intimate knowledge of the social, governmental infrastructure that are in operation and have been placed for decades and centuries. He has no real interest in learning and then doing. Instead, he goes hunting for something that brings tangible change but not necessarily the good changes that we all long for. He relies on an army of marshalls to carry out his ‘gut’ feelings of what he considers are good measures for the country. The intricate framework of the government is overlooked and he meets obstacles, criticisms and a lack of insight. Nothing has worked so far and he is now blowing steam. He is at an all time low and he probably knows that he just doesn’t have it what it takes to be a real president. Discounting the many blatant lies about facts that he has publicly conveyed to the people, just makes it even worse. He really should hand in the towel before it gets any worse.

If he is not removed before the next election, I implore you not to make the same mistake again by reelecting him.

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Trump’s rise to victory

November 9, 20167:39 am

New 45th President of the USA

New 45th President of the USA

I had followed the run-up to the election since no person in US could ignore the deluge of insults and insinuations that were thrown by each party (Clinton & Trump) on a daily basis. My first opinion of Trump was mixed and quite surprised that such a person of this brazen personality and character could ever take center stage let alone make a president. I began to wonder a life of Trump as president and based on his talks how he was anti this and ant that, I became terrified of a third world war under his leadership. As much as two months ago, there was no way that ‘normal’ people would actually vote for this kind of a person into office, people just won’t let that happen,…so I thought.

As the election unfolded on Nov 8th, I began to have an uncomfortable feeling that all of media and every whimsical thought and prediction to the run up to the election was going to be squashed and vanquished tonight. I reflected back to the 2004 election where G W Bush stood for a second term despite all odds against him but was voted again for a second term as president. There was a very famous poster in UK following his victory where the headlines read ‘How can 50 million people be so dumb?’.

Moving forward to the 2008 election where Hillary Clinton was up against Obama, there was one lingering thought in my mind that wasn’t talked about in the media at that time. I immediately had a sense that Clinton was not so trustworthy whereas Obama seemed open and transparent and my choice would go with Obama.

Many people are now trying to reel themselves back to reality from the outcome of this election but the fact remains that nobody can predict the ‘mindsets’ of the people of America. I was even surprised to hear that 29% of Latinos voted for Trump despite his rhetoric for building a wall and deporting illegal immigrants. Maybe they have forgotten where they had come from and decided that this was their home to stay and protect. I actually thought that they could tip the balance for Hillary but I wouldn’t be surprised to learn that the new generation of Latino voters who are second descendants and have no affiliation towards their native countries. Many discussions are sure to take place (possibly years to come) of how an unlikely candidate such as Trump got into power.

It occurred to me afterwards that the scruples and principles that people adhere to as core values that drives individuals and the interests of people as a whole no longer apply. I think what happened is that a majority of the Americans who usually abide by a core set of principles and values based on decency, principles, honesty, integrity etc actually thought it was sufficient to oust Trump out of this race but boy were they wrong. Many people were asked the question who they would vote into office and some replied that both could not be trusted and if they had to pick one of the lesser evil it would be Trump.

It is clear that the stealth campaign engine of Trump had succeed in achieving their goal and the Clinton campaign possibly fell into complacency based on media polls and hype. In my opinion Obama and the first lady were the handful of folks who read the signals correctly and did their utmost best to avert the situation but it was not to be. When you are up against a businessman who is sharp, calculating and only built to win, you had better be on your toes. I learnt this having been in business for many years. Credit must go to Trump.. he played a masterful game that tilted the American voters onto his side and left the other party bemused and still picking up the pieces.

This article was brought to you by the ThinkTank of

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