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How to Patch Up - Innovative ways after a fight

Updated: 11th September, 2015

There is an old saying in Eastern parts of the world “You fight with someone you love”. This is true because you care for your lover and can’t see anything bad happen to him or her. Being in love and receiving love is the most fantastic feeling in the universe. However, being alone in love can be extremely difficult.

Patching up with your love is not easy especially when both of you have egotistic problems which can turn worse if neither one does anything about it.

Check out these innovative ways to patch up like nothing happened!!

How to Patch Up - Innovative ways after a fight

How to Patch Up - Innovative ways after a fight

* Plan for a surprise dinner and take help from mutual friends. Don’t talk about your fight, behave like nothing happened. However, at the end don’t forget to say that you would like to forget what happened and we both should learn a lesson. Most of the time this will work as neither one of you are looking for a blame game but, for a perfect happy ending.

* Do some brainstorming and take the help of your friends that are most of the time are the reasons to fight. We all like to receive gifts and if this is from someone we love and make us feel special. Gift alone would not do the trick you need to think of extra special messages that convey all you want to say with your feelings.

*Are you good at performing arts it can be singing, dancing, playing guitar or anything else. Music do not need any language and it has the power to connect hearts. If you know each other you should know by now her favorite song or something she would love you to see. Use the talent you have to bring back your love life back on the track.

All these tricks will only work if you had a casual fight but, if the problem is really big then it is better to rethink about where you both are and whether to continue and be happy in spirit.

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6 Responses to “How to Patch Up - Innovative ways after a fight”

  1. kellyrich47 says:

    It a great write up very interesting

  2. valonly says:

    This is honestly true

  3. Smiler4uk says:

    Give time. Smile. say I;m sorry. Compromise :-)

  4. archisishere says:

    well, i’d say I hate that guy that fought with you, lets not talk to him anymore :)

  5. Mary_Y8VZ says:

    Makes sense and may work depending on what the fight is about. I just think if some things are said that hurt talking about it and time is the best medicine. I don’t know about some but I love a real conversation where two people can have both sides of story told with no fighting about it to.

  6. dcole050401 says:

    I liked it better when they actually updated the blogs.

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