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These Forum Rules have been established to help maintain a civil and friendly Environment, allowing everyone to enjoy the Discussions that can be found here. It is important that you read through this Page thoroughly, to prevent any potential Rules Violations.


  • You have to be 18 years to use the Site.
  • No Discussion of how to illegally acquire copyrighted Material.
  • Do not post Messages that violate Federal, State/Provincial, or Local Laws which include, but are not limited to, anything that violates a Copyright, Trademark, Patent, Trade Secret, or is bound by NDA (Non-Disclosure Agreement).
  • For your Safety, no public Posting of any Personal Contact Information or private E-mail Messages.
  • No Misquotations or Misrepresentations of other Posters. This is considered Libel.
  • No irritating posting Styles, including use of all Caps, Shorthand and excessive Punctuation/Blank Lines/Smileys.
  • No posting of Flames or Material intended to start a Flame War.
  • All Posts to be in the English Language only.
  • To report a Rule Violation, or if you have any Questions, do not hesitate to contact any of the Moderators by E-Mail.


  • No Threads, Posts or Messages for the Purpose of Chatting will be permitted on the Forums. All Threads MUST have a Topic.
  • Using a Web-link only for an Original Post of any Thread as a substitute for posting a valid Topic constitutes Spam.
  • No Poster Names in Thread Headings are allowed, unless specific approved Circumstances exists.
  • Any Thread Topic that includes, discusses or makes Reference to, and in any Form names an Individual or Group of Forum Poster(s), whether specifically stated, insinuated or suggested, a POF Member or any Administrative Personnel, is not allowed.
  • Any Thread that has More Than (2) Two consecutive Messages by Only (1) One single Individual within a 24 hour Period, will have their excess posted Messages deleted unless they are corrective Edit-Action Posts. (This is also known as “Sequential Replies”, or posting (2) Two Replies in a Row. Please allow Others to Reply before you post again.)
  • Any Thread that has more than (1) One single Page of Only (2) Two Individuals posting back & forth within a 24 hour Period will have their excess posted Messages deleted as well.
  • Any Thread that has more than (2) Two Pages of No More Than (3) Three Individuals posting back & forth within a 24 hour Period will also have their excess posted Messages deleted.(Material such as Poems, Lyrics & Quotes in the Poetry Category are exempt…)
  • Do not post TELEPHONE Numbers, E-MAIL ADDRESS’, INSTANT MESSENGER Numbers, ICQ Numbers etc. for any reason Whatsoever. This is considered Spam.
  • Don’t post just to increase your Number of Posts. If you have nothing to say on a certain Matter then don’t post. The Number of Posts in this Forum may not have a direct Relation to the Experience of a Member.
  • No more Word Games Threads are allowed in the ‘Global Forums’. Thread Topics which are based on and/or involve as its Subject under Discussion any POF Members are no longer allowed.
  • No List or Poll Threads !
    Threads which request anyone to list Items or ask to opt/select Items based on a List are not allowed. They are not valid Topics for Discussion and are considered Forum Spam.
  • Do not enter, edit, nor alter any HTML Tags or UBB Code into your posted Messages other than ‘Bold’, ‘Italics’, ‘Underscore’ and ‘Reply Quote’. Hyperlinks, Font Colors, Sizes & Types, or any other HTML Tags/UBB Code are reserved for Use by the Admin and Moderators.
  • A Moderator may delete or edit a Post to either remove Off-Topic Content, Insults, or just to make a Comment intended to assist keeping the Forums on Track. They will show in Brackets at the Bottom of a Post and includes the Identity of the Moderator, such as: [ Valid Topic/Mod-*Nym ]


Do not post Spam!!!

  • What’s a Spammer? Someone who promotes either by Link (Website), ADDRESS, PHONE NUMBER or any other means any Person, Establishment of Commerce or any other Entity that engages into any Type of Transaction for the Exchange of Money. This also incl. Website’s which either mirror or link off to other Sites such as advertising Front Ends. No Link to your own Website, or free Hosting Sites, ie. MySpace, Geocities, Facebook, etc.
  • Weblink posted to Non-Commercial Info/Media, Library or News Sites are permitted, but only if relevant to the Topic under Discussion.
  • Non-Spam Web-link to Commercial Sites which are Topic relevant but are not posted for the Purpose of Promoting/Marketing anything are permitted.
  • Posting a Link and/or News Source only in the Absence of posing a Topic for Discussion or Reply is not permitted. No posting of copywritten Materials. Post have to be written by yourself, use Links if you like to support your Thoughts or Points.
  • No “Hit-and-Run Posting”, meaning a Link only is not a valid Post.
  • DO NOT post Web-links to any indecent, nude, racist, or other offensive or illegal Websites.