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Challenges Facing Single Christians

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Challenges Facing Single Christians

Many servants of God long to be married but have not yet found a suitable mate. In some lands, there is strong social pressure to marry. Yet, opportunities to meet a potential mate among fellow believers may be few.

Christians recognize, though, that heeding the Biblical injunction to marry “only in the Lord” is a matter of loyalty to God.

To stand firm against the pressures and temptations that they face, single Christians must keep their senses completely.

In the Song of Solomon, a simple country girl called the Shulammite attracts the attention of the king. He woos her with an impressive display of wealth, prestige, and charm, although she is already in love with a young man.

If you are a Christian woman, you too may find yourself the object of someone’s unwanted attention. A person at your place of employment, perhaps someone in a position of authority, may begin to pay you compliments, do you favors, and seek opportunities to be with you. Be wary of such flattering attention. Although such a person’s intentions are not always romantic or immoral, oftentimes they are. Like the Shulammite maiden, be “a wall.”

Firmly reject unwanted advances. Make it known to your workmates from the very start that you are a christian, and take every opportunity to proclaim to them. That will serve as a protection for you.

Internet Web sites designed to help single individuals find a marriage partner are becoming popular. Some view these as a way to get to know people whom they would not otherwise meet. However, blindly entering into a relationship with a stranger involves real dangers.

On the Internet, it can be difficult to distinguish fact from fiction. Not everyone who claims to be a servant of God really is. Moreover, with online dating, a strong attachment can develop quickly, and that can distort one’s judgment. Whether via the Internet or by some other means, it is unwise to cultivate a close relationship with a person whom one knows very little about.
God “is very tender in affection” for his servants.

He knows that the challenges facing Christians who are involuntarily single are at times disheartening, and he treasures their loyalty. How can others encourage them? We should regularly commend them for their obedience and self-sacrificing spirit.

We can also include them in arrangements for up building association. Have you done that recently? Moreover, we can pray for them, asking God to help them keep their spiritual balance and find joy in serving him. By our sincere interest, may we show that we appreciate these loyal ones as God does.

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Will I remain faithful?

Making the decision to become a Christian is the single most important decision that you will make in your life. If you have ever made a large purchase you may have noticed that you had serious doubts about the wisdom of the purchase after you made the decision. This is what marketers recognize as ”buyer’s remorse” and is linked to dissonance theory.

The joy and the excitement of having taken the bold step to become a Christian are accompanied by nagging thoughts about whether you made the right decision. You may recall your ”For eternity” response to the question as to how long you will remain faithful. Yet, the glee with which your answer was received suggests that another response is possible. Your faithfulness till death is not guaranteed.

I want to share with you some proven strategies for helping you in living faithfully as a Christian:

Accept the fact that your doubts and fears are not surprising and is a regular occurrence. You are not alone in this and many have overcome those negative thoughts.

Your concerns are genuine and should be heeded. They are there to protect you from overconfidence and complacency.

Win the battle against the negative forces by seeking security in the constant contact with well grounded, mature Christians.

Knowledge drives out fear. Be a faithful student of the Bible and watch your confidence grow.

2. What about my friends and colleagues?

One issue that is sure to bother you is how to deal with your non-Christian friends and colleagues. The degree of difficulty that friends and colleagues present to your Christian walk is dependent on the relationships you had before you became a Christian.

Be assured about one thing. No matter what reactions you get on the surface, all right thinking individuals respect your decision to accept Jesus as Lord of your life. They may not have the courage to follow your example and peer pressure might cause them to jeer and tease. However, deep inside they appreciate your commitment and hold you in high esteem.

They key now is to ensure that they see the difference in how you lead your life. Be a witness to them by living in keeping with Christian principles.

3. Can I still have fun?

Don’t be surprised if you feel that a decision to become a Christian is a choice to give up fun. Many have the image of a Christian as a very serious-minded individual who has decided to give up happiness.

Be assured that one fruit of the Spirit is JOY. Happy moments and the pleasures of the world are fleeting. Joy is enduring.

Here is some further advice:

3.1 Reflect on your own interests and hobbies. Things that you enjoy doing.

3.2 Seek out Christians that share those interests and work out how you will enjoy wholesome fun together.

3.3 Share with your Christian brethren the fun that can be had in pursuing your interests.

3.4 Open your mind to new opportunities for enjoyment and satisfaction.

4. What if I mess up?

As a Christian you are concerned about your salvation. You are also fully conscious that you are not perfect and that you are not free from sin.

You might even be scared stiff by this quotation from 1 John 3: The fact that we sin from time to time is worrisome and frustrating. No one who continues to sin has either seen him or known him.”

God abhors sin and Christians are required to avoid wilful sinning. With that at the forefront of your mind you can take comfort in this quote from 1 John 1: sentence 5 9 ”If we confess our sins, he is faithful and just and will forgive us our sins and purify us from all unrighteousness.”

It is your attitude to sin that really matters in your Christian journey. True repentance is the answer for those times when you occasionally slip. If you genuinely regret the trespass and commit to doing your best to avoid the error in the future you will be on good grounds.

Study of God’s word and fellowship with supportive Christians are great strategies for remaining faithful in your Christian walk and moving on to claiming Eternal Life.

5. How can I really know what God wants me to do?

Christians of all ages have to grapple with the question of God’s Will for their lives on an ongoing basis. You will also be seeking clarity as what is your life’s purpose and what role you are expected to play in God’s service.

Today, God speaks to us through His word – the Bible. The surest way to feel comfortable about the choices you make is by diligent study of the Scriptures.

You can also benefit from the advice of wise and spiritually mature Christians.

Take comfort in the fact that God rewards those who diligently seek Him.

Finally, accept the encouragement of Romans 12:12 ”Be joyful in hope, patient in affliction, faithful in prayer.”

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I agree, someone with very strong Christian values may be better off at a site that is specifically designed for Christians.

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