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Tired of being broke ???

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With so many people out of work, many people are looking for \” work from home\”. But who can you trust ??? That\’s where I was 5 months ago , but I no money really to work with . I spent weeks looking for something when this little old lady from Canada called me . I told her I had heard it all !!!
Well as it turned out,I hadn\’t heard it all. A company I didn\’t have to sign up friends and family . And I didn\’t have to sit around waiting to make a sale to make some money .
A company that in a year has grown to over 3 million people , and is in 190 countries ! One with traffic numbers that blow past Avon,Amway months ago and is now larger then Coke, or Bud !!!
Why?HOW? Because we treat people right! Our system won\’t let you fail. It\’s like nothing that\’s ever been done before !
Please let me help you get started . This is not a get rich quick scheme . But everything depends on you. But the first thing you have to do it is take a chance , I did ! And I\’ve made money every day and from day one .
I don\’t think they\’ll let me ad a link or URL so inbox me please . I\’ve signed up almost everyone I\’ve had a chance to explain this to on the phone .

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What is with all the backslashes? Was the original poster a spam bot?

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