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i’m new to this site and I’m curious about the points system.
i understand that you, basically, earn points by being an active member of this site…but what is the point of the points?

can you spend them?
are they used to get upgraded features?
are they just a way to see which members are more active?

thanks in advance for any responses.

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JD points are really a PITA! that’s what they are …. I agree with the last comment. I mean really to move around on this site you have to have points. It’s ok to be active on this site but I don’t live on this site.. There are times I can’t make it on in a few days sometimes in a month or so.. it’s very annoying. as for the first responder I agree with you as for the ”real people” where are they???? that is propbably why I don’t come on as much and find better things to do ..

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I had no idea that points were now required to log in or send messages. I have lots of points because I am very active, so maybe I just never noticed that they now require points. It is super easy to accumulate points, so I don’t see it as a problem. The biggest problem I see with this site is the lack of real people. I have received hundreds of messages from women and not one of them was from a real woman! Just spammers trying to send me their e-mail address.

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thanks for the response.

you make some good points.
i’m thinking this might not be a site i’m interested in.

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This is another stupid thing. JD wants to make their members more active. Nope, this is wrong – you wont make them more active. You will even lose them, because no one gonna make posts on your forum or blog to use this site.
JD supposed to be a free service – well, not anymore.
You want to read a message? You need JD Points.
You want to sent a message? Not enough JD Points.
You want to login? You don’t have any JD points.

Sorry, without me.

And one more thing – move to a better hosting/server.
Sometimes (even now) I am waiting 2 minutes or more for the website to load. Or close this website.

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