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How about adding a chat instant messanger function on your site.. oh and take that silly fake couple off the homepage!

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I think chat is a good idea. As for the other comments, this site is loaded with fake people. I get at least four or five messages every single day and after literally hundreds of messages, not one of them has been from a real person!

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how about changing the format on the home page to be for only jump dates,there are several other dating sites on that same page and it makes it a little confusing .

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I agree one has to be careful here. My suggestion is to stop delaying in approving photos

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actully kick the scam jobs off the site via their IP. not just let them go. on I found one real profile out of thousands. I turned half of them in and when I got on there the next day they were all still there. So I said goodbye to that site. looking aty the profiles on here they are all non-english speakers and all looking for the same thing. \”a good lookng guy who wil;l love and be therfe for his love no matter how big of a scam she throws at him.\” I\’m not even going to waste my time on the profiles here.

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