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February 2011 – Dr Dato blog introduced

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We introduced a new blog category called “Dr Datos Online Dating Briefs”.

We found that many users of online dating are looking for essential pieces of information that would benefit them in the search for their partner through online dating sites. In addition to the extensive reviews of all the current top and free dating sites out there, we thought readers would be interested to know some information as it pertains to online dating.

Some of the topics that Dr Dato covers include the following;
– Recent events and happenings of online dating developments – The summary points to other blog articles or news and attempts to provide a brief overview of the essence of the story conveyed.

– Useful information related to online dating
This area covers information that is constantly being developed and how the online dater can maximize the efficiency of their time to have a higher success rate in online dating. Some topics covered include the kind of profiles that one should put up and what to say, including a recent article ”the secret to online dating success’

Dr Dato will continue to cover all aspects of online dating, but would like feedback from their users as to what the readers would like to be posted. After all, it’s the users at the end of the day that we are trying to make this section work for.

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