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looking for a good man

Replies: 8 - Pages: [1] - Last reply: 2013-03-18 00:46:48 - By: Dblaa
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Registered: 2011-05-15

looking for a man who will like me for who i am …… and i,m a 38 f from jackson mi who just whats too be loved

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Registered: 2013-03-16

We\’ll Hi then. Nice to meet you!

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Registered: 2011-02-26

Since this was your first posting: Welcome to the site. Enjoy your stay.

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Registered: 2013-01-25

I think that all people are good but it is really hard to meet someone who will be honest, and who will not play with heart and feelings.

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Registered: 2013-02-07

I’m looking for a good woman that is ready for serious relationship. Dont play game and dont like being played for anything…Any good one out there huh???

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Registered: 2013-01-10

I’m a good man,who’s a christian church going one.If you like black guys,i will treat you like the best thing on the face of this earth,i won’t judge you,just love you.

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Are there any good men out there who are not into game playing. I am 65 widowed gal who would like to find a genuine man for a change. Everyone seems to be out to have fun at our expense.

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Can you upload your photo.. that will boost you chance.

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