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Why do some white girls like black guys?

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In normal mating, creatures discover an appreciation for those that have the minimum measure of hereditary comparability. At the point when those living beings mate, the hereditary uniqueness gives a healthier posterity (taller, more noteworthy quantifiable insight, more noteworthy physical symmetry, and so forth.)……….
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I second that from Cassanova… the reasons could be for a lot of reasons as all individuals have different tastes as a result of growing up. Our social interactions with others can also change our thinking and beliefs, unfortunately we are all vulnerable to this. We need to go by what we see and witness in experience and not too judge too quickly. This in my opinion forms good relationships.

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I assume that is their preference. What difference does it make, anyhow… We are all built the same, yet we all have different tastes. That is what makes this country great. And the fact that here, in the U.S.ofA., we are all free to explore our likes and dislikes, supposedly without bias…

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