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I was browsing through when i saw you.I have

seen many but there is something about yours

which I could not ignore.Did you say you are

single?Please can we get familiar with each

other?I just hope you have a beautiful mind

Tell me some few things about you. Well I have

a lot i want to ask you but i will just ask,a

little bit for now. what are you likes and

dislikes, pet peeves, hobbies, favorite foods,

what do you drive, are you single? have you

been married before? do you have any kids?

what do you do for living? what do you do on

your free time, are you a lover or a hater,

are you romantic, rough or gentle, loud or

quiet i am a geniune and real person I am not

inviting you to join any site and i am not a cam girl so write me on

tiarejoseph at live d o t c o m or

t/i/a/r/e/j/o/s/e/p/h/@/l/i/v/e/.c/o/m try and


tiarejoseph atL/I/V/E/D/O/T/c/u/m send me some

more pictures of yourself and tell me alot

more about yourself and i will respond soon.


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