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Ball Mill for Cement Grinding

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As an update, Hondo Minerals Corporation, is pleased to announce the completion of the Superstructure for its Processing Facility at the Tennessee Mine.[url=http://www.crushersouthafrica.com/quarry-mining-south-africa.html]Stone Quarry Process Plant[/url]

With the completion of the superstructure, Hondo is now entering the final phase of the construction process of the metal building that will house the processing and extraction equipment. Hondo has begun finishing the interior construction which will allow for the installation and placement of the processing equipment.

“I would like to thank the crews that have been working hard on the completion of this building. Because of their effort I am pleased to announce we are on time, on schedule, and under budget. Most importantly this brings us one step closer to achieving our company goal of production. “Says William R. Miertschin, Chairman and CEO of Hondo Minerals.

The processing facility is anticipated to open this May. Once complete, the Tennessee Mine processing facility will recover gold, silver, zinc, and other metals. It is estimated that the daily processing capabilities will commence at 10-20 tons per day and increase to 50 tons per day during late 2011, 200 tons daily in 2012 and 300 tons daily in 2013.

Sierra Gold Corp., today announces mining and testing results during the first quarter of the 2011 season.

Sierra Gold Corp. is pleased to announce that through the first quarter of 2011 the company recovered 105.3 ounces of gold from all project sources as well as a quantity of diamonds from dredging and small scale mining operations. We have reached the pay gravel at most sites and look forward to improved recoveries for the remainder of the season.[url=http://www.crushersouthafrica.com/crushing-equipment-south-africa.html]Rock Crushing Equipment[/url]

Doug Evans, Chairman and CEO, left for Sierra Leone on April 5, 2011 to review current mining and agricultural operations.

Astur Gold Corp. is pleased to announce that it has been successful in a bidding process for the La Codosera project, consisting of five mining concessions totaling 1,851 hectares (approximately 20km2) in the province of Badajoz, Extremadura Autonomous Region, Western Spain. La Codosera is only 40km away from the provincial capital of Badajoz, and 80km from the capital of the Extremadura Autonomous Region, Merida. The Extremadura region is known as a leader in mining industry support in Spain. The permits are for the concessions of Afra, Buenavista, Brena, Monteviejo, and Sierra Lugar. Despite available historical data, the area has been insufficiently explored and may represent significant potential for gold mineralization in Spain.

Cary Pinkowski, CEO & Director commented, “We are pleased to have won the tender process for this land package in Badajoz, Spain. The historical data indicates that there is excellent gold exploration potential. By adding these exploration assets, in concert with the development of our flagship Salave deposit in Northern Spain, we are leveraging our Spanish exploration expertise and human resources.”[url=http://www.crushersouthafrica.com/grinding-mill/ball-mill-for-cement-grinding-in-south-africa.html]Ball Mill for Cement Grinding[/url]

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