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Beneficiation Process Equipment Selection From BINQ

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Mineral processing equipment, including crushing, screening, grinding, grading, sorting, dewatering and roasting equipment. Selection and calculation of process equipment must meet the conditions required for beneficiation process, through technical and economic comparison, the correct choice of equipment type, specification and Number. Mica Mining equipment

Broken equipment, including crude. In. Crushing equipment. Metal Mine concentrator crushing machines generally used jaw crusher or gyratory crusher; some of the non-metallic or cement, mineral processing medium hardness, can be used Impact Crusher. Broken equipment generally used in the standard cone crusher. Crushing equipment selection of short-head type cone crusher. Clay Sand Production Line

Screening equipment in the processing plant in crushing operations mainly with the pre-screening and examination screening. Concentrator used screening equipment: vibration sieve. Fixed screen. Cylinder Screen curved screen and fine screen. Common inertial shaker with the shaker. Self-centering shaker. The latter uses a wider scope. Concentrator in large and medium. Fine screening material to use more of. Fixed Screen with grid screen and bar screen in two forms. Ore particle size to control the grid screen, horizontally. Be used as a coarse sieve and the broken pieces of pre-screening before, tilt installation. Serpentine Ore Crusher

Grinding equipment, rod mill grinding with a certain role in the selective, more uniform particle size, mineral particles less than smashing. Coarse to fine mine when they use this equipment, especially the re-election plant, the ore requires uniform size, they use a rod mill. Lattice-type Ball Mill Ball Mill overflow with the specifications than the high production capacity of 20-30%, power savings of 10 to 30%, and is widely used in a grinding process. OVERFLOW BALL surface of discharge structure is simple but less high-ball, low production capacity, and easy too crushing, grinding is often used in the second paragraph of the two grinding equipment.

Grading equipment, spiral classifier is used for grinding circuit in the first grade and examination grading, and washing, removal of mud and other operations. High weir type spiral classifier for coarse classification. General classification of particle size greater than 0.15mm. Sinking spiral classifier for fine classification, grading size generally less than 0.15mm. irn South Mineral Network. Basalt Stone Production Line

Re-election equipment: Cyclone simple structure, easy to manufacture, high separation efficiency for the separation of useful minerals and gangue minerals as low as 0.2-0.3 t/m3 the proportion of poor ore. Cone-shaped dense medium separator for processing high moisture content of light mineral ores, separation does not exceed the maximum size 75mm, normally 50-6mm. Jig many types and specifications, but the processing plant is the most widely used diaphragm jig, under the dynamic cone diaphragm jig. 300 × 450 next to the moving diaphragm jig and concentrates for roughing operations, the appropriate particle size separation 12-0.1mm.

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