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There is something about being naked, which brings out the feral quality in a person.

There is something liberating about a person so in touch with their naked bodies, they are comfortable and natural within it. Almost as if wearing clothes is a mask and the person is their true selves only by shedding their garments, as a snake does its skin.

If a person leaves the concrete confines of the city, and travels northward to the country, where all seems serene, the wildness within a person does not lie dormant. On the contrary, the rushing streams, the rolling hills, and the verdant forests bring forth the savage, brutal quality that lies within each of us. Whether we choose to unleash it or lock it is up to us.

But, it is there, hungry, longing to feed. When it feels the moonlit sky, it craves to escape the prison of its container.

And hunt.

Chapter 1: The Meeting
[Monday, May 02]

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