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I have been looking for you my whole Life, I like Cake for Birthday\’s, Christmas Cookies for Christmas and Bacon and Eggs in the morning, Walks on the Beach swimming and finding new trails to hike, I know I will do these things and much more with you, but I have not met you yet, The summer is coming to a close and the days are getting shorter, I hope I find you before those cold winter night set in once again, If I do not than the thought of you will keep me warm for now. All my love and best wishes to you MY SOUL MATE Until WE MEET

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I hope you’re going to show up soon 🙂

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Not sure that there is a soul mate out there for me, but I do keep my faith cause that and my babies are pretty much all I IF you are out there then I pray you find me cause honestly I’m getting tired of looking for you.

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well hello there my name is robyn i live in iowa where r u

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The day we meet! will be begining of many happy days ahead of us and our lives! until then I await you patiently and look forward too hearing from you, maybe here!, one can only hope!.

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