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Count, [url=]Jerseys from china[/url],those who choose otherwise arrived in Germany Porto, this time at least four of nearly knife to the scene to shout for their team cheer.

Do not forget. Germany There are many Portuguese, a conservative estimate probably have Carpenter number of Portuguese immigrants to the stadium to attend the game.

More than 30,000 cheering group, even more than the ticket quota allotted by the organizing committee to Porto, but this did not stop the enthusiasm of these people.

Compared with crazy Porto Monaco fans to be inferior, no way. Who this French small town population.

Count for the baby with a total population of only Zhao times more than the city, can muster, “the old song title fans travel long distances to the scene to cheer is not a small miracle, but the crowds that flocked and Porto compared, they still look shabby.

But this time the Organizing Committee, and finally do not have to worry their ticket sales work. Because even the Monaco returned to nearly effort finals tickets are a fanatical Boer mother to wiped AufSchalke would seem to be completely turned into Porto home.

President Sampaio in Portugal about the Prime Minister Barroso, as well as a large number of accompanying Members and Football Association officials will be a guest of this battle.

In this link, [url=]Cheap Nike jerseys[/url],the Frenchman finally did not lose face, Monaco’s Prince Rainier III and Prince Albert also attended the match.

As the “Golden Bomber” Klinsmann, cited Michael Schumacher, the International Olympic Committee President Juan Antonio Samaranch, the strongman of the field, all in attendance.

The Champions League final in the eyes of many critics, because the absence of giants, has become a bit pale, but the final, after all, is the final.

Porto and Monaco’s fame can not be considered, but this is the decisive battle of the Champions League even wealthy appeal, not the lack of spectators.

Moreover, there are a lot of head coach and scouts are gathered in proud to go to Schalke, waiting for their own gold from the two teams, groan.

After all, this is the final of the Champions League, UEFA did not dare to be careless, and the back do not want to referee things come a cropper, so after careful discussion, the Champions League final will be Danes Nelson main post, two assistant referees and the fourth referee are all Danes.

More than one hundred of field experience in international competition, enough to make this the Danes qualification by both recognized Moreover, the size of this guy is a fairly loud noise. Referee celebrity.

You know, the vomit years World Cup in France, is the child of a red card of the brother ruined David Beckham and England’s World Cup tour.

Just met this guy, [url=]Elilte nfl jerseys[/url],Porto has not been good luck, Nelson law enforcement four Porto game. The results of the Portuguese made only two square and two negative results. Now Porto can only pray to God, and this time do not any surprises.

Therefore, in Nepalese set Sen enforcement, Mourinho specifically told Linyi, “your kid, never do I learn Beckham that kick!”

Uh Linyi this wretched uncle, and now is more and more nagging, a lot of time, is simply an annoying aunt.

Least Linyi not to make that mistake in the field, this final is his hellish recovery training in return, he may not want to miss.

When the two teams arguing in the media war of words and the fans began to spend their game before the last dozen hours, the final list has been written in the respective conference room on the blackboard, 22 individuals Champions League final decisive battle, at the foot of these people.

Monaco team: Goalkeepers Rome, the back line, Ibarra, Rodriguez. Jiwei, Evra, midfielder, [url=]Cheap nfl jerseys[/url],winger lined with Cisse, Burnett Jordi, Qi Kesi, two tactical core Giuly and Rothen, the front line is still alone featuring Morientes.

Porto side, Mourinho wrote on the blackboard the first name is Lin Yi, and his position firmly fixed grid in the first waist.

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