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Username : reggt ( ATHENS ,Georgia ,United States )
Headline : You should really contact me if...
Age : 49
Occupation : Computers
Have Kids : No
Want Kids : No
Drinks : Occasionally
Smokes : Socially
Gender : Male
Height : 5'8"
Body Type : Thin
Ethnicity : White/Caucasian
Religion :
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About Me
Hair Color :
Eye Color :
I would describe myself as :
I am self-employed professional who doesn't like the bar scene and I am not looking for a hook-up
About me and who I am looking for :
you find the Golden Ticket. Or my sanity. The ticket would be better. We can split it, and after we both leave the chocolate factory , we blame losing my insanity on the tour. We then sue Willy Wonka, he settles out of court, we split the cash, you give me a hug ( I deserve at least that, it was my idea.) and we go our separate ways. Who knows? Maybe something magical will happen. Maybe, as we cross the bridge over the Cocoa River, the horse stumbles on a stray peppermint the size of stone. The animal panics, rearing up, and the open carriage we are riding in tumbles over, throwing you into the churning waters of the Cocoa. For a few seconds I am stunned, as I hear the Umpa Lumpas screaming to save you. One of them tugs at my pants and yells "You have to save her. We can't swim, our round bodies are too buoyant. We cannot dive. YOU must save her!" Immediately, I jump over the rail and into the chocolate. After an eternity of searching, my chest burning hot and my final breath molten like a planet's core, are hands finally meet amidst the rolling waves. We frantically grasp at each others fingers, locking them like desperate lovers. I start dragging our bodies back up through the thickness, refusing to let go no matter how much you weigh after eating all that chocolate. Breaking the surface, I tow us to shore, and we both collapse on the green frosting under a big candy apple tree. I ask you if want mouth to mouth, but you say you're fine. I really don't want to believe you because I think you're cute, but I say nothing and blame it on shock to make myself feel better. After the police finish interrogating us and all the insurance reports have been signed, they release us into the evening air. We stand outside the factory, and the cool wind causes you to shudder. I take off my jacket and wrap it around your shoulders, rubbing them softly before I release you. You look up at me, then, you smile. A real smile. Usually you give me the one where your mouth twist

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What I like to do for fun :
I love animals, have a dog, a cat, and bearded dragon. I love cooking, have a voracious reading appetite, and love the rainy days with nothing to do but lat on the couch with someone and cuddle while we fall asleep watching meaningless television.
Activities I like :
Exercise Habits :
About once a week
Eating Habits :
Eats healthy on occasion
About life style :
On a personal note, one of the questions I get asked a lot is why I don't drive. It's a matter of principle really. I know that my boycott doesn't have a drastic effect on the environment or make the oil empires quake with fear, but I am just tired of the crap that is associated with it all. I purposely moved to a home right in the middle of everything I needed access to, and have grown fond of the fact that I get to walk to where I need to go with my dog. I get exercise, I have one less money stress, I stop contributing to the demise of planet earth, and any woman shallow enough to consider my vehicle type to be an indication of what kind of man I am will seek her financial support elsewhere.
Background & Values
Languages I speak :
Siblings :
Political Standpoint :
Born Reverted :
Background Values :
Education & Career
Highest Level of Education :
Bachelors Degree
College Attended :
Central Texas College
Computer Science
Occupation :
Occupation Description :
website development
Annual Income :
USD Prefer not to say