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Be Naughty to Use Flirting Ideas as Ice Breaker

The dictionary meaning of flirting is to act amorously without serious intention, generally with the opposite sex. Both men and women use the flirting techniques to get the attention of the opposite sex. Normally the word flirting gets associated with men but women also practice the flirting techniques to attract the men in public.

Be Naughty to Use Flirting Ideas as Ice Breaker

Be Naughty to Use Flirting Ideas as Ice Breaker

Here are top FIVE techniques of Ice breaker flirtations-

1. In a common friend’s party she introduces you to a male friend, go for a hand shake but hold his hand for couple of seconds extra or might go for a warm shake by pressing his hand more than usual.

2. In a disco offer a guy some money standing next to the juke box and ask him for some songs and then just say sorry as you thought he was the DJ.

3. In a college you prefer wearing high heel shoes, while walking down the corridor bump in to him purposely.

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4. Touching is the most common yet effective flirting skill, when the guy is shy you need to step up and surprise him by placing your hand on his hand or knees.

5. One of the most effective ways to attract men is that girls can use their smile with good eye contact. A killer smile can certainly break the ice and make that guy initiate a conversation.

There are few good ice breaker flirting tips, comment on this article and tell us what you would for ice breakers that work spontaneously.

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4 Responses to “Be Naughty to Use Flirting Ideas as Ice Breaker”

  1. lewis Grant says:

    Do bring your lady around me cos imma flirt with her

  2. David says:

    There can be a fine line between “naughty flirting” and “crude”. Try not to cross it.

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