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Change your life, change your reference point! - Part 2

This is part 2 of a 6 part series on techniques and methods of “Change your world - change your reference point!”

Change your life, change your reference point

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In Part 1 we talked about the many techniques that are available which attempt change your lifestyle but not all of them have been effective due to everyone being different from each other. We introduced a new technique with it’s roots in the Jumpdates machine learning lab to bring what we call is a ‘reference point’ and how you can apply this simple technique to bring massive improvements and benefits to your life.

Since we are not able to provide the full extent of the practical examples in this small post, we will highlight the essentials which hopefully you can take away with and apply to your life. If you want more information, please feel free to contact us via leaving a comment.

So what is a ‘reference point’. A reference point is what it implies, a point in space and time that determines where we stand relative to others and how we measure our own internal meter of happiness. Let’s take the example of happiness and put this on a horizontal position with 0 at one end and 100 at the other. You can pretty much find a point in that bar where you think you should be positioned. But here is the funny thing. If you do that say several times a day and maybe over weeks, the points you select will likely to be all over the place. If you take the average of those points, you could say that this would be your happiness index factor. I use ‘happiness’ as this is an internal goal that many of us strive for. For example doing well in your work, being in a healthy relationship, enjoying your free time as thee all lead to increased happiness.

Once you have a handle on how your ‘happiness’ score wobbles around from your ‘reference point’, you can then start to change your life for the better.

You will over a short period of time know the highs and lows of your happiness and what triggers these lows and highs. Make a note of these and and they become your very own unique collections that no other person in the world has. Note this is not an arbitrary method of one sitting and digging deep inside, and writing down your troubles but a very practical method to gauge the very thing that obstructs your happiness. Think of it like this. If you come straight out of a movie, you have many thoughts flooding in your head as to how that movie affected your thoughts and what your opinion was. Naturally, if you wrote down all that was going on in your mind, you could write down a page or two of this. Try this in a week from now, and you could probably muster up a couple of paragraphs at the most. It’s the same way for identifying your pain points…simply do this when you are measuring your happiness factor in the scale and then write down a few points. It is much more powerful to do this in the moment since later, your opinion will be shifted by how you feel then. This is how the brain works and we will provide you with easy to understand fundamentals of the brain and why this technique actually works.

Stay tuned for Part 3 of ‘Change your reference point and change your world!’

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