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College romance: Dating places to fall in love

College times are the ideal time to fall in love. You are in your late teens and full of energy and curiosity. You come across hordes of people, you interact with; get attracted to not only for their looks but for their qualities due to common interests as well. As students most of the time of the year is spent in college in labs, classrooms, gyms, cafeteria, basketball ground or the park bench. The remainder of the time is spent at parties or events. Meeting many people makes it likelier that you will develop attraction for someone.

College romance: Dating places to fall in love

College romance: Dating places to fall in love

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Cafeteria is the most likely place to fall in love when in college. The free time is spent over coffee and each person here is trying to break the rut and relax in the little free time. With an almost free mind, one becomes more observant and the probability of being attracted to somebody is the highest.

Gym or sports field is another place to fall in love. Working out not only pumps the heart but also releases the feel good hormone in the brain. Again a relaxed mind is more prone to logical thinking and being attracted to the person whose interests match yours.

Close proximity in the laboratory when working on some projects together builds a bond which turns into affection. This can be called the intellectual binding which develops into a special relationship.

‘Fall’ is a process that is uncontrollable, inevitable, risky that makes you vulnerable. It is so rightly phrased to fall in love and what can be a better place to fall in love than in college when youth and enthusiasm are at its peak?

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5 Responses to “College romance: Dating places to fall in love”

  1. dcole050401 says:

    So, those of us already out of college are out of luck.

  2. Dorsey_07 says:

    Im not in college, and hence why Im on the dating sites.

  3. SaintNeil88 says:

    College dating is “puppy” love and generally will never stand the test of time

  4. dcole050401 says:

    Puppy love, OK, that was funny! LOL

  5. rednsassy86 says:

    College romance is all sweet and everything but what happens when its time to graduate and start doing different things and moving to different areas.

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