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Searching through google for more free dating sites, I came across another site called which is not entirely a 100% free dating site.

Look and Feel

Look and feel of this site is average and the top section of the home page displays some ugly advertising banners. Color combination of site is white and blue.

Registration Process

Registration to this site is fairly easy and quick. The site claims a registration process within 3 minutes. In the registration process itself, username, password, email, date of birth, city, zip code, about you and type of person you want are added. After this process the site will ask some basic details like your personality detail such as height, body type, your interests/activities, occupation/student, earning details and  age group you are searching for and more.

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27 Responses to “Dating Sites Review –”

  1. Russell says:

    “” IS AN EXTREME RIPP. when i first got on it was allright untill i learned of their scam. girls from Africa and other regions are getting to know guys from the states. Then convincing them that they have a lot of money but they just cant get access to it for whatever reason. their very sweet and convincing. i did not fall for this and i hope your smarter than that as well. upon further investigation i have found that you cannot contact them AT ALL. even though it says it at the bottom, when you click on it, it goes to a page that says contact us. and the rest is blank and there is NO WAY AT ALL TO CANCEL YOUR ACCT. THANK GOD I DIDN’T USE MY REAL NAME OR GIVE ANY INFORMATION THAT COULD “F” ME UP… just lettn ya’ll know…..

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