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Do you still think love needs a language?

On my recent visit to India I decided to watch a movie, I have always been in love with Bollywood movies as they are inspired by true human emotions, love and romance. I checked the local listing and decided to watch a recent release “Barfi” – which is a name of some sweet.

Love can happen anytime, anywhere to anyone

Love can happen anytime, anywhere to anyone

Like all other Indian movies I was expecting it to be romantic as they were all famous for this. But, what I saw for the next two and half hour was completely unexpected and was very touching. What I saw was romance and love but not as glossy as other mainstream Bollywood movies. We can call it love at it’s purest of form. I could not understand a single word they we saying as it was in their language (Hindi). But, actually this was not a barrier.

Barfi is a simple love story of a mute and deaf guy named Barfi, played by Ranbir Kapoor and autistic girl Jhilmil (hope I spelled this right) played by Priyanka Chopra. It’s a story about their life, how they realize their love from staying apart and not saying a word about it each other.

As an autistic girl Jhilmil could not understand the state of mind she is going through and is love and on the other side Barfi knows what love is but could not speak it and more impotently cannot explain his true feelings to her.

But still both of them finally discover their love for one another through their eyes and actions. Barfi is a comedy drama and runs like this for two hours and 20 minutes but it hits you hard those who still think that you need to be physically attractive and compatible to have a happy love life. This leaves you thinking that do you really need the language to express your love. We are leaving those small opportunities in life to enjoy the pursuit of bigger fun and love actually lies in those small opportunities and you may miss it before you realize it.

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6 Responses to “Do you still think love needs a language?”

  1. David says:

    Love definitely needs a language, but it does not have to be verbal.

  2. beltata says:

    but how to built relationship without language?

  3. dar says:

    Love is already a language. You must first open your heart to understand it.

  4. joy514 says:

    Love is in your hearts and language is the way how you communicate, but i guess all this things happen it depends upon how it really works.

  5. bamadeanna says:

    I agree with all the comments above. Love is a language all it’s own and if communicated correctly it is a beautiful thing.

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