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Don’t be too formal during conversation on free dating sites!

Some people struggle when trying to figure what to say when they come across a profile they like on their free dating site. The task is not too difficult at all, and this is where men can learn from the women and women can learn from men. If you receive sufficient messages from women, pay attention to what they are saying. It’s more likely that women will point to something that is interesting on your profile rather than a simple ‘hi’. Men unfortunately, can be a bit tongue tied in this area and need more work to initiate a good message that will get them favorable responses from women.

Don't be too formal during conversation on free dating sites!

Don't be too formal during conversation on free dating sites!

A good tip for men, is to do exactly what women would do. What can be better than to learn from the very women that you are trying to date. First, peruse their profile and find something that is interesting and even better something that you both have in common. Then mention something briefly on that point, don’t over do it, keep it simple and succinct.

Some people have said that being ‘poetic’ can excite interest from women, it can work with some women but they are looking more for realistic facts to hold onto from their partner. However, this does not mean that you can’t be playful and this is the area where you can win many points. If you get a response from a woman on the dating site, take the opportunity to say a bit more about yourself and mention something funny that happened to you recently. Also ask what her day was like and if she has any pastimes or hobbies that she enjoys or if she has watched any movies lately.

Don’t get carried away by being too formal in your approach to other people, speak in the same manner as you would with a friend because you will come across as real and alive and most important of all interesting.

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