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How valentines is celebrated

Valentine’s Day 2013 falls on this Thursday. A day which means roses, wine and chocolates for some and protests and rallies for others.

Valentine’s Day traditions have changed over the years. Whether you are single, a couple or in a relationship the way V day is celebrated has undergone transformation no we can call it metamorphosis. Yes the message of love and sharing and caring remains the same but the way it is celebrated has changed all over the world. It’s a day to shower your loved one with gifts, expensive dinner or romantic presents. National retail federation says an average of $126.03 will be spent on traditional Valentine’s Day merchandise this year.

how valentines is celebrated

how valentines is celebrated

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Over 141 million cards are exchanged yearly. Hallmark research reveals that over 50% cards are purchased a week before Valentine’s Day. Every race across the world gives a V Day card to their special lady.

Chocolates are the most romantic gift to be given to the woman. In Japan it’s the woman who gives a box of chocolates to the man on Valentine’s and he reciprocates on White Day which falls a month after V-Day.

Consumers are not ready to shell as much this Valentines for their loved ones as per NRF survey. 50% will buy candy while other 36% will give flowers with remainder gifting jewelry or clothing to their loved ones.

Valentine’s Day is not just a day for couples but it is a day to show appreciation for other family members or colleagues too. Consumers gift their pets on this day and a whopping $ 815 million sale are projected for this year.

Hand held devices will be used by 40% of the smart phone owners to shop for a gift while 45.9% of tablet owners will use their device for V-day gift purchases or searches.

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