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Impromptu Fun Activities for you and your Date

Dating should be about fun and having a good time. Of course you and your date can go for dinner together, watch movies together and visit other interesting places around town. However, at times you want to lift up your spirit and have spontaneous fun. These impromptu activities are ideal for occasions such as this. Why not try them out when the right situation arises.

Impromptu Fun Activities for you and your Date

Impromptu Fun Activities for you and your Date

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Impromptu photo session:
When you both feel in a playful mode, take out your digital camera or the camera on your cellphone and start snapping away. Ask your dating partner to make a funny face or a pose so that you can capture on your camera and then watch together. You can watch together and poke fun at each other and is sure to light up your day.

Impromptu singing:
When you are both in your car, why not put a CD or an mp3 track that you like to listen through the music player. You can start singing along to a song and encourage your dating partner to sing along too.

Impromptu jokes:
We all know that a good sense of humor is key to a good relationship. When the air gets a bit serious between the two of you, why not tell a joke. You don’t have to remember all the jokes, but just do a quick google research and find a few that you like. The best way to remember them is to say the jokes to your friends, then you you will be able to remember it when you dish it out to your dating partner.

Impromptu charades:
This is a great fun game that you and your partner can enjoy. Stick to a few topics like TV shows or movies and try it out on your partner and have fun in the process. For more ideas on charades just go to the web and look up Charades game.

Whenever you are together and want to lighten up the spirit between you and your dating partner, these ideas for impromptu activities can save the day.

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  1. David says:

    Singing? And watch my date faint in horror!

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