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Singles Don’t Want Commitment - Love ke Side Effects

Movie: Pyaar Ke Side Effects
Director: Saket Choudhary
Year: 2006
Stars: Rahul Bose, Mallika Sherawat, Ranvir Shorey and Taraana Raja

Snapshot of the Story

The movie shows the intricacies of the modern age relationships. It is the story of Trish (Mallika Sherawat) who doesn’t want a commitment, but her parents force her to get married which she avoids by running away on the wedding day and meets a DJ in the party Sid (Rahul Bose). Three years down the line both Trisha and Sid are in a deep relationship, but still not able to make up her mind for a commitment. Their relationship suffers cracks and now Trisha goes back to her old fiancee. The story goes through interesting twist and turns blended with comedy.

Movie Reviews and Ratings of Pyaar Ke Side Effects

Movie Reviews and Ratings of Pyaar Ke Side Effects


Debutant director Saket Choudhary made a good movie that portrays the commitment phobia of the young generation. Trish (Mallika Sherawat) is a young girl and daughter of a retired major from the Indian Army who believe that this is the right time and she should get married to his friend’s son Vivek (Jas Arora) who is a successful business man. Trisha thinks otherwise and not ready for any kind of commitment runs away from home on the wedding day. Sid (Rahul Bose) is a Delhi based youngster living with his mother. He works part-time with his friend as DJ at night club and private parties. Sid and Trisha meet each other when Trisha runs away from her wedding and movie take a jump forwards of three years, now they are dating and in a relationship.

Three years down the line Sid is still struggling to establish himself as a professional DJ and looking for an opportunity, but Trisha is a famous fashion model and looking for a commitment. Trisha proposes Sid, but he is still in two minds and not able to take any decision. Sid finally agrees to marriage as he doesn’t want to lose Trisha, but Trisha’s father comes in their way as he thinks Sid cannot give her a better future and rejects Sid.

Now both of them are single again and Vivek approaches Trisha again and this time she agrees to marry him. On the other hand Sid gets attached towards Tanya (Sophiya Chaudhary) who is a famous pop start. Both Trisha and Sid are busy with their life and trying to get it on the track, but Sid realizes that he is still in love with Trisha and ready for a commitment.

Final Thoughts

“Pyaar Ke Side Effect” is made for only youth audience and able to entertain them in all possible way, but this seems to be the worst part of the movie. Story of the movie is a fresh experiment on the Bollywood mainstream. Music of Pritam compliments the story very well. Mallika Sherawat looks gorgeous and sensual. Rahul Bose justifies his role as Sid and perfectly represents the current Indian youth of today. This is good romantic/comedy movie to watch.


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    1. According in your article, it is a nice story. It is a family issue then trisha left their home and ke meet Sid… And they Dating.

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