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The Importance of Coronavirus (COVID-19) and It’s Relationship to Close Contact


We are always concerned with the safety and well being of all of our Jumpdates members and this is become increasingly so with the recent worldwide pandemic of the Corona-virus. We wanted to provide a few guidelines on how to go about the matter of dating as this is so critical to your well being as well as of the other person.

It has been acknowledged that the virus is transmitted through contact and also from coughing and sneezing. While the ideal option would be to meet your dating partner through online and not come into physical contact, it is not always the case with other members.

In the situation where contact is necessary, please adhere to the following guidelines. This is not an exhaustive list but a guideline to keep your safety in check as well as your partners.

Preemptive Approach (when no symptoms of the virus is present):


In this situation, it is absolutely essential that you take measures to avoid the spread of the virus or contract it. Note, that we are trying to minimise the spread of the virus.

Keep a safe distance from other people when going out i.e in shopping gatherings. If you are about to cough/sneeze, use a handkerchief and do not expose this to other people.

Wash your hands immediately, if you have come into contact with your mouth. Washing hands is a 20 seconds affair, so please do not ignore it.

Remember, the virus can be attached to objects that are touched by infected people and it is imperative that you may transmit the virus unknowingly.

If you suspect that someone else is affected, please do everything you can to support that person. Most importantly, help the person to keep in isolation from others to stop the virus from spreading. If the person is in the same household, try to keep your distance from the person, ideally you want to situate the person in one room.

Make sure to keep your distance and always keep your hands clean if you have come into contact with that person or any objects that they may have touched.

Remember, if you become infected from the carrier person, you will very likely pass this onto another healthy person, through contact, sneezing etc.


You are affected: (when you have symptoms of the virus):

Self-isolate immediately, so as to prevent passing to other people. This varies from 7 days minimum to 14 days.

Stay in your home and let other family or friends help you with all matters of eating, cleaning etc. You will likely have continuous coughs and a fever, so it is imperative that you stay away from other people as much as possible. If your condition becomes worse and not better get immediate intensive care from medical professionals.

We hope this helps you somewhat and pray that we all go through this difficult times as soon as possible.

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8 Responses to “The Importance of Coronavirus (COVID-19) and It’s Relationship to Close Contact”

  1. Jumpdates says:

    Stay home. Take all precautions. Keep our elderly and children safe.

  2. Jumpdates says:

    Irrational paranoia, seems it’s not going away.

  3. Jumpdates says:

    Unnecessary discrimination, you’ll see suits.

  4. Jumpdates says:

    Obey the 9010 rule. You have no choice. Either do i.

  5. Jumpdates says:

    The people who are sick right now that you’re caring for, may very well have regained their strength by the time everyone else gets sick if things go badly. Or maybe they’ll be dead. 1 person out of 100 who get it is dying from it is what I heard, no idea.

  6. Jumpdates says:

    Hate Crimes against the African American community. Uncommon susceptibility

    Best phonetic 80’s bands, hmmmmm

    Twi sted sister

  7. Jumpdates says:

    Follow the guidelines and stay clean and healthy

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