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The Most Sensible Way to Dump a Dating Partner

When people join the service industry especially customer care, they train you for the special talent called as services NO. There are situations when a customer care agent cannot help customers due to technical challenges and need to be referred to an external party. This is where a straight “No” would make a caller irate and become very dissatisfied.

The Most Sensible Way to Dump a Dating Partner

The Most Sensible Way to Dump a Dating Partner

This technique can easily be used in our lives when you want to say no to your dating partner or you can call upon it whenever you want to dump your dating partner.

Here are top THREE ways to say a service No to your dating partner.

1. Tell your partner that you are not the best match for him/her. He/she deserves a better match for him/her than you. Explain with real life examples to give them a good chance to succeed later.

2. If possible try to find a better match from your common friends and then make them compatible with each other and for this you can recruit the help of some of the matchmaking algorithms of online dating sites.

3. At times your dating partner wants to settle down in life and the other would certainly don’t want to get committed. This is a very ideal situation where you can take a different path without any real trouble.

Remember the art of service NO is to make the other dating partner feel that you are doing a favor to him/her. You should not make the other dating partner feel that you are doing anything wrong to him/her.

Comment of this article and tell us what are your ways to say a service NO to dump your dating partner.

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3 Responses to “The Most Sensible Way to Dump a Dating Partner”

  1. lewis grant says:

    I guess the partner might pretend like he /she is gay/lesbian…….Lol xxx

  2. Free love says:

    I don’t know if there really is a sensible way to dump someone outside of a mutual break up.

  3. David says:

    I have a very hard time dumping people. I tend to slowly reduce contact with the person until they lose interest, find someone else and then dump me. I just feel that it is better if they dump me. There is a lot less stress when the breakup is their idea.

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