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Troubles for NYC Single Mom Dating

Being a single mom, life is too tough and as the daily life become more demanding in the recent few years, it has become a challenge to manage kids, work and household needs. Single moms have to play the role of mother and father. However, one thing that is completely ignored is the emotional support from someone special which is needed. While taking walks the most exciting and yet challenging journey called life needs addressing.

Being a single mom in NYC can be difficult. NYC is the most populated city in the USA and inflation stats shows that there is no respite for NYC single moms.

Troubles for NYC Single Mom Dating

Troubles for NYC Single Mom Dating

Here are obvious reasons why NYC single moms find dating a bit difficult than others

• Being most populated cities in the USA, these single moms have to ensure that they work hard and sometimes late in the office to ensure they draw a good salary. In the process they tend to ignore their personal life as their happiness is now directly related to their children’s progress and happiness.

• The sex ratio of NYC is also a bit uneven. There aren’t enough men for these single moms. NYC has about 53% of women who are singles and 47% of single men [Resource] [resource]. This makes men a hot commodity and makes the single moms think twice before getting serious about any relationship.

• Fear of un-acceptance of children is something that every single mom faces when she wants to introduce their dating partner to their children. Children tend to oppose this new binding as they feel that their love is now shared with a complete stranger. Few adapt quickly and some take time but, there are some who never accept this and can ruin the mom and child relationship.

• The problem is with men too – While reading the heated debate of top free dating site forum the attitude of men shows that they are not willing to take the responsibility of children but, some are prepared to. However, what was shocking to read is that they actually like single moms as their connections with children are healthy and they are often more mature than other women without children.

There are times when single moms have to make that extra step to fulfill the role of a father and can end up disappointing themselves. At times these can be very small issues which a father will do without even making the extra effort.

Tell us what you think why NYC single women have a tough dating life.

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32 Responses to “Troubles for NYC Single Mom Dating”

  1. dcole050401 says:

    A man and you don’t have a date? Move to NYC. LOL

  2. Paulpow52 says:

    The question arises to me is “Where is the Father?” In alot of states couples are given joint custody where the parents have the children alternate weekends. Such was the case with me seeing my daughter- Every other weekend she would be with me. Which left two weekends a month to have some sort of social life. It is not healthy for an adult to be cut off from social interaction with other adults. Being single again at 60, I struggle with having a social life when woman hestiant to give dating another chance. They might want to think about this-YOU BETTER BELIEVE THEIR EX IS NOT SITTING HOME DEPRESSED! ITS TIME TO LIVE AGAIN MOM!

  3. ORIOLESRULE says:


  4. morrisdon says:

    IS better when you just leave

  5. sure32 says:

    A man and you don’t have a date? Move to NYC. LOL

  6. niceguy1952 says:

    find someone to treat thease ladys right.

  7. James_sGvt says:

    understand what you need

  8. Geoincali says:

    No more kids

  9. Natali1978 says:

    hard to be a lone mother

  10. go for someone else who will love you for real

  11. mothering and dating is very hard to do

  12. Dee_4Wqg says:

    A man and you don’t have a date? Move to NYC. LOL

  13. kalyan2 says:

    Relationship is the one which give the correct understanding of a person being alone means it simply lonliness

  14. myhearttron says:

    need true love

  15. John_g4sD says:

    It needs single dads

  16. rollie35 says:

    hire a nanny

  17. missyotte69 says:

    Their single moms worldwide
    it’s hard to fine someone to except your kids and love them and treat them right as well
    that man would have to except the whole package or don’t bother

  18. LiveOnce says:

    I would say it is difficult to find someone to click with period, unless you wanna settle for second best. As a single parent, one must always keep the children in mind - don’t want to put them at risk for the sake of romance.

  19. luvtome says:

    well, it really not easy for a single mum, but i believe all things are possible.

  20. mckones says:

    Maybe just get out of New York

  21. hahaha New York is a Mess …Evacuate lol still funny

  22. LiveOnce says:

    Ya, get out of the big city and start looking in the country, lol. Love has no boundaries, it’s all about what we are destined to do.

  23. luketi says:

    if you love dis women you need pasians

  24. missyotte69 says:

    their songle moms every where not just NYC
    It’s hard to find that special person that will love and your kids

  25. Bertie_x7Kh says:


  26. Bertie_x7Kh says:

    nomatter where u liv it can b dangerous. u just hav 2 b careful on who u meet

  27. henry_max says:

    it is really tough been a single mum…leave NYC

  28. Kadince says:

    I agree that single moms do have it hard finding a good person to meet.
    I can relate, I use to be a single mom. But now I see more single Dad’s in the picture.
    I think that no matter what , we must always think of the kids first.

  29. swtcandy290 says:

    its all about what we are destine to be

  30. m_vyas says:

    It is not only in NY but any where in the world difficult for single mom.

  31. dcole050401 says:

    I liked it better when they actually updated the blogs.

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