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Vacation Dating Violence - How to Avoid

The word vacation brings lots of joy on your face as the excitement of exploring new places with your friend, family or love stimulates your mind. There are many dating sites that work on the theme of vacation dating.

Vacation Dating Violence - How to Avoid

Vacation Dating Violence - How to Avoid

Sites like Miss Travel offer this opportunity for ladies who want to be the arm candy of rich billionaire and want to see the world. There is nothing wrong in that but, when it comes to dating a complete stranger, one should stay vigil of the possibilities.

Here are the risks involved in vacation dating

1. Sexual Abuse– You are going to spend most of the time with each other as you do not know anybody else which is better as you get more time to become close. However, this can be exploited in other way and you also become a soft target. At the same time make sure you do not roam alone which also attracts local predators.

2. Financial Theft – Most of the time men bear most of the expenses but at the time you meet they can show off their wealth to attract you and later run away with all your valuables. With no money in a foreign land, you can quickly find yourself in a tight spot and all your dreams will have gone out the window.

3. Can cost your life - Yes, you got it right, in the recent incident that took place in India where a British girl was killed by her Dutch boyfriend when both were on vacation.

Knowing how to avoid vacation dating violence

• You must ensure that you do not travel with complete strangers. Make sure you know him properly or do a good background check from the local police authority.

• While traveling ensure you dress yourself according to the culture of that country especially African and south Asian countries.

• Do not carry valuables like expensive jewelry which makes you a target for thieves.

• Always keep phone numbers handy of local police and the embassy of your country to contact in case of emergency.

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  1. roland says:

    you need to be calm and don not rush into no relationship

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