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Why Singles Remember Their Exes on V-day

Valentine’s Day is dedicated to romance which sets the heart aflutter. A lot of hearts choose this day to go on a trail of what happened to their ex-girlfriends or ex-boyfriends. What is intriguing is why this interest in exes re-surfaces on V day!

No matter how long ago you broke up with him or her but he/she still rules a major part of your mind though you try to convince yourself that there is no place in the heart for your ex. You chose your valentine because of his/her looks, attitude, intelligence, sense of humor, innocence or simply because you felt good about yourself in her/his company. The reason for breakup could be mutual, cheating or plain being dumped. No matter what the reason, each person is curious to know about their ex and some even yearn for the companionship.

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Why Singles Remember Their Exes on V-day

Why Singles Remember Their Exes on V-day

There are various reasons why one thinks of their ex especially on Valentines:

• You miss your Valentine so much that you want her to come back

• You probably believed you will spend your life with one of your exes

• You still love him/her though you tell yourself you hate here. It is impossible to disconnect when you have shared an intense love and emotions with the person

• Your exes gave you the best memories of a lifetime but put you through the worst times as well

• Your ex made you fall in love and gave up on you

• He/she meant the world to you and now you are just strangers with memories

• Your ex can be your best friend even though your love did not work out but you can love in a different way

Though most people convince themselves that they have moved on but every Valentine’s Day the exes are remembered and thought of with a whole bunch of bitter sweet memories.

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  1. dcole050401 says:

    How odd. I have never thought of an ex on Valentine’s Day. They are an ex for a reason.

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