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December 2010 - Dating Site Reviews Launched

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After much deliberation we decided to offer our users a valuable resource in our Blog and are located under the two main categories “Free Dating Site Reviews” and “To Online Dating Site Reviews”. These are designed to help users find out what the site is all about before trying it out and thus save them time and money in the process.

So far our collection of reviews have totaled over 70 websites where we do comprehensive review unlike other review sites that includes unbiased information on the following;

Look & Feel
Registration Process
Login & Customizing Profiles
Photo Profile Section
Browse & Search Feature
How Much It Costs (applies to paid sites only)
Other Features
Member Base
Ranking Statistics

These are unbiased and highly comprehensive information about a dating site put together by our own team and will give you much information about the site before you decide to spend all this time to sign-up.

To locate the review information on each site, go to our Blog and then scan down the category headings showing Reviews.

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